If you’re like us and have been counting down to the new season of Being Mary Jane, the official season 3 trailer will definitely convince you that it’s been well worth the wait!

Last season ended with Mary J getting into a horrific car accident after accidentally overhearing a life-changing conversation between her best friend Lisa and her on-again, off-again lover David. In the opening scene of the trailer, we see Mary Jane in recovery while her family, her best friend and David are all shown looking slightly distraught in the waiting room.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Being Mary Jane throughout both seasons is that viewers don’t have to wait 3 or 4 or 5 episodes to see the tense confrontations that we are all waiting for, so it’s not too surprising that we also see Mary Jane flipping out on David while still in a wheelchair at the hospital as he attempts to comfort her. Her best friend is then shown running out of hospital shortly after, which leads to the obvious conclusion that Mary Jane tells them both about the conversation she overheard somewhere towards the beginning of the season, if not in the first episode.

Among the other highlights in the trailer are Mary Jane struggling with the damage that was done to her face in the accident, Mary Jane’s mother confronting her best friend, Mary Jane’s niece Niecey confronting her father about his previous drug problem, and Mary Jane’s parents finally telling her brother that he has to move out.

Check out the trailer in full, below.

Season 3 of Being Mary Jane premieres on October 20th. We’ll be watching for sure! Will you, Clutchettes?

Photo Credit: BET

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