More than a year after the death of Michael Brown, a new documentary is being released to shed light on the truth behind what happened.

“Ferguson Cover-Up,” was made by The Huffington Post’s  Jason Pollock who revealed how Brown’s death at the hands of Darren Wilson affected him and millions around the world.

Pollock spent the last year “focusing on these issues and working overtime to figure out what my contribution to this world-changing event would be.”

“This event has haunted me, as I know it has haunted many others. I needed to find out the truth!” Pollack said as he announced the arrival of “Ferguson Cover-Up” on The Blog on Monday (Sept. 21). “So I set out on a yearlong investigation of the facts, and what I have found needs to be seen and heard by the world.”

Pollock says his film will “show America what really happened” the day Brown died as well as examine why people took to the streets as Ferguson burned after Wilson received no punishment for Brown’s killing, instead of the burning itself.

“The film will also detail the story of racism and white supremacy in the Ferguson area so that everyone can understand that the protests that took place in the wake of Michael’s death were not just a random incident, but a straw breaking a camel’s back after hundreds of years of racism in the region,” Pollack stated regarding the documentary’s focus to “show the injustice that took place to Michael Brown on that hot summer day last August.”

“From the very moment that Michael’s body hit the pavement that day a carefully crafted campaign of misinformation, manipulation, and outright lying has taken place by the Ferguson Police Department, the St Louis Police Department, and the St Louis Prosecutor’s office,” the filmmaker and activist added. “The 24/7 right wing media have constantly perpetuated these lies, and they were so well crafted that they tricked CNN and many other outlets into falsely reporting the issue over and over again.

“Sadly, because of all this distortion, the average American thinks that justice was served to Michael Brown and his family, and that Darren Wilson should be a free man. These views could not be further from the truth,” Pollack continued while giving credit to the “dedicated group of Ferguson activists” who have followed everything pertaining to the Brown case and helped put the film together.

“Through archival footage, shot footage, and my production team’s exhaustive research, this film will show how the Ferguson Police Department ignored key evidence and worked with the prosecutor to cover this all up. This film will explain the corrupt nature of witness 40, who was used by the Prosecutor in the grand jury process, even though Bob McCulloch knew she was lying under oath about witnessing the shooting. We will also show the manipulative and racist way that the Ferguson police department leaked evidence to smear Michael’s name, and so many more turns the case took away from justice.”


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