Kanye West is no stranger to using provocative words and imagery to direct people’s attention toward his music and message. And for the most part, fans have supported his left of center expressions so long as they weren’t personally offensive. But Yeezy may have just crossed that line with the announcement that he’s commissioned Vanessa Beecroft to realize the dream of being a respected fashion designer that he so desperately desires.

Like Ye, it seems Vanessa has a knack for the provocative but when your art is predicated on fetishizing black people and using them as props alongside Anglo-saxons in photos you can make a pretty good guess that black people, save Kanye West, will not be here for it.

Lipstick Alley uncovered a few details about Ms. Beecroft, as reported in a post on Racialicious a few years back, the most shocking of which is the claim that the photographer specifically sought out Sudanese boys to adopt for the purpose of photographing them for an exhibit. As these things often go, a 2008 documentary on the artist revealed a striking disconnect between what Beecroft said her intentions were, which was to begin a “relationship with that country,” and what she actually did: indiscriminately photograph orphan children (sorry “poor creatures”) as if they were inanimate objects, even having some bare all against the wishes of the sisters in the abbey. We’re guessing it was that pushback that brought about her admission that it is “very stressful “to work with Black women. It’s also what made Vulture call the “art star” a “hypocritically self-aware, colossally colonial pomo narcissist.”


And while it would be nice to think Kanye may have been naive to this artist’s past musings, we’re pretty sure if we could find the info, he and all his million dollar resources could have as well. We’re gonna go out on a limb here and assume, much like the pass he gave his French designer friend Jean Touitou for calling his 2015 Fall/Winter collection “Last N*ggas in Paris,” Kanye West does not care about black people. At least not more than he cares about becoming a big name in an industry notorious for shutting out people who look like him, if he didn’t notice. Go figure.

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  • This is very revolting. Beecroft, is unapologetic about her neo-colonial, racist attitudes. Also, Beecroft’s views on black women are wrong and totally uncalled for. Kanye has plenty of resources to figure out precisely what Breecroft’s agenda is. Many white people have an obsession with black people. Some want us to be used as fetishes, some are jealous of our beautiful melanin, others just hate us and want us to bow down to them. Yet, we will stand up, speak up, and rise. We will not only love our black heritage. We will defend the essence of our human dignity.

    • Mico

      My first thought when I saw the image of her with black babies was how black women were often forced to nurse and care for white folks children often to the detriment of their own children. Then to read on about how she adopted kids….these are children, not props and not things to be used. You take these children and not just try on the white savior bs but use them when you know they are already vulnerable and hurting. She is disgusting and so is kanye for even entertaining her. He is so lost.

    • Amen Sister.

      These young children never asked to be used as artistic props in order to satisfy the sick agenda of Beercroft. We have every justification to not support this blatant exploitation of our people. The works from her make it no secret about her intention to mock the culture of black people. These children never deserved to be treated in this fashion. These children need love, education on their black heritage, education on the beauty of Africa, and compassion. These are wonderful points that you have made Sister. Our hearts ache for those children. She is a total disgrace and Kanye should be shame.

  • mywordsaremypower

    Kanye is either stupid or woefully lining his pockets or both. I think Kanye is lost you know once he married/dated that silicone balloon he lost his sense of blackness. He married someone who has paid for black features, don’t get me started on the rest of family. His father was conscious, very conscious in fact. Anyhow I don’t hear him talking about black issues unless it suits him nowadays ($). This is not surprising at all, he lost me as a fan along time ago. I wont give my money to an artist who has an agenda but to feed his ego from the pain of others who should be saving for a better future for themselves.What makes it even worse is he allow these white demons to take apart our culture and act like he has cultivated blackness. I really want to put his name in the coon book, I might as well go ahead.. He has been gone along time ago, people need to wake up and see this.

  • CayaK

    And there it is… So Kanye and his other K will never receive my coins.