Despite the assertion of a certain British author who thinks Idris Elba is “too street” to play James Bond, the rest of us don’t need any convincing. Still, the folks over at Vulture just put together a badass video proving Elba would be perfect for the role.

Mashing together clips from Elba’s roles in Luther, The Gunman, and Takers with the trailer for the latest Bond film, Spectre, and a Jaguar commercial, Vulture created one hell of a short film we’d be first in line to watch.

Take a look:

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  • Rizzo

    oh wow …. he is bond

  • We are always a talented people.

  • Vivienne Diane Neal

    Wow, no doubt about it, he is Bond!

  • RaiseTheBar

    YES, I already KNEW — Idris: James Bond!

    Thank You Folks at Vulture for the creation of this compilation video!

    Thank You CLUTCH for your vigilance and keeping your readers updated by posting this — #Team-IDRIS-is-Bond-007.

    What’s next? Is there a petition in circulation???