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Trevor Noah had some big shoes to fill as he launched the new season of The Daily Show as host. Noah stated in an interview that his first week would be a “reintroduction” that resembled “a four-part miniseries that will set the tone for what we hope the show will be.”

Noah opened his show with a monologue that probably had Jon Stewart shedding a tear somewhere. He told viewers that despite him taking over the show, and a few changes along the way, he’d still “continue the war on bullshit” Stewart successfully did for 16 years.

Noah also successfully mocked John Boehner’s resignation announcement during his first show. And it was hilarious.

“Why leave now, I just got here! I’ve got a fancy suit and a new set and I learned how to pronounce your name — Boehner,” Noah said.

Noah said Boehner basically decided which laws came up for vote, making him “basically the bouncer at Club Congress, which is probably the worst club ever.”

He then pointed out Boehner wasn’t right wing enough for the radical conservatives.

“You see, for this faction, even John Boehner — the man once ranked the eight most conservative man in Congress — wasn’t right wing enough,” Noah said. “It’s like crack telling meth that it’s not addictive enough.”


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