If you forgot for a brief minute you can’t let just anybody watch your kids, let this story be a reminder.

The South Carolina Department of Social Service and police in Gaffney, SC, are currently investigating a daycare in the city after a picture of a 15-year-old girl with her toes in the month of a 7-month-old baby popped up on Snapchat.

According to police, the teen, who’s not related to the baby, took the picture when she went to visit the daughter of the homeowner where the infant was being cared for. When the image went viral, it caught the attention of other parents who say they drop their children off at the same home.

Though the teen isn’t facing any charges for the troubling image she posted, police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the photo, as is social services to see whether other kids are indeed being cared for at the home which is not registered with the state as a daycare facility and would need licensing (at the very least). A “No Trespassing” sign now sits in the front yard of the home which neighbors told local news they believe operated as a daycare. The case has now been referred to the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, which could lead to family court. A butt whooping is probably also in order for the Snapchatting teen… but that’s none of our business.



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  • FromTokyo

    Wow, how disgusting! If I had children in that daycare, I would snatch them right out of there. If that kind of stuff is happening, who knows what else.

    Social media stays telling on people. Or rather, they stay telling on themselves.

  • Noirluv45

    Not only do we have to be careful of who watches our babies, but we have to be mindful of the company those who watch our babies keep. This sickens me to my core. It’s boggles my mind that some cockroach like this teen would not only put her nasty toe in that baby’s mouth, but have the unmitigated gall to post it on social media. The world has gone stark raving mad.

    • FromTokyo

      Agreed. I also think that someone who has made it an actual business to watch other people’s children should never have company over (and in this case it seems the quality of their company is suspect). Are they a business or aren’t they? Who wasn’t watching to let that happen? I can’t even watch that video – just the screencap is enough to make me feel sick. Some child predator could watch that for stimulation. People just don’t think anymore. It’s either them not thinking or them not caring. Likely both.

    • Noirluv45

      Agreed from the top of your post to the bottom, From Tokyo. Watching children is no joke and whoever does so needs to keep it professional and should not have company unless they are clients or workers. Like you said, they are a business and they should act like a business. Someone definitely wasn’t watching and this should cause major concern for every parent whose children are being cared for by them. I agree with your summation as well. People don’t think or care.

    • Mary Burrell

      “Cockroach is nice. I had another nasty name for her but thought better of it. You are a classy lady Ms. Noir.?

    • Noirluv45

      LOL! Thanks, Mary, but trust, I’m sure we were probably >here< with the same choice words.

  • Me

    My mom once got a daycare shut down because they refused to let me use the bathroom just before nap time, caused me to soil myself even though i was potty trained, and forced me to wash the bathroom afterwards. She did that before social media and camera phones. Any daycare stupid enough to mistreat a child these days better make sure their insurance policy is paid up because I know I’d be going for the jugular if I caught some mess like this happening to my family.

  • Mary Burrell

    The teen who did this disgusting thing needs to be dealt with and that so called day care needs to be shut down.

  • The teen did a perverted evil act. Babies are readily victims of abuse and other sick behavior. It certainly makes us aware that the youngest human beings need protection, respect, and care. That is why I am all for parents to use cameras in their homes when others babysit children. The teen and the daycare service should experience accountabiliy. No baby should experience that at all. I feel for the baby and the parents of the baby as well.