It’s no secret we live in a sexist society. Despite the work of those championing equality for all, discrimination still exists.

Today, women still make less money than their male counterparts; there are far fewer female CEOs of major corporations; and despite making up over half of the population, women account for just 20 percent of Congress.

While we’ve made great strides, challenges still exists, particularly because women are still viewed as less capable, less valuable, and weaker than men.

Enter, #MasculinitySoFragile, a hashtag first tweeted as early as 2013.

Like other tags before it that critiqued everything from white feminism and misogynoir, to the lack of diversity in Hollywood, Wednesday, folks used #MasculinitySoFragile to challenge sexism.

Despite the fact the hashtag wasn’t bashing men, but rather critiquing a culture that harms both men and women by creating and reaffirming ideals that hold us both hostage, some men didn’t take too kindly to #MasculinitySoFraile.

One guy even challenged women to fight to, you know, prove he wasn’t fragile.

Of course, many pointed out the irony of his statement.

But when one woman took him up on his offer, @MechofJusticeWZ failed to respond.

Just like fighting racism and pushing back against white supremacy, it’s clear dismantling sexism and patriarchy will be extremely difficult as well.

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  • Thank you once again Clutch for showing an excellent article.

    The #MasculinitySoFragile hashtag accurately states that a woman has the right to her own mind, body, and soul. Men are never entitled to control any woman period. Sisters like Jamilah Lemieux are part of a new generation of progressive women who want the liberation of women via great insights and courage. Women being free to decide her own life choices are no detriment to any man’s livelihood. It is an added benefit for the enrichment of the entire human race. When we see wage disparities based on gender, when we see the epidemic of misogynoir, and when we see patriachical supremacy in the world, then we have to fight back against these evils. Patriarchy, misogynoir, misogyny, and economic injustice are all part of the system of racism/white supremacy. In fact, many of the same racists (as racists believe in bigotry instead of truth and wisdom) who abhor black people embrace reactionary, nonsensical views on gender. There should be equality for all and our people have a long history in fighting for that goal to be realized comprehensively.


  • Adebisi’s Hat

    This hashtag was truly a masterclass in Male Fragility and I am here for it! I love it when these pathetic losers let you know right off the bat just how small-minded, how insecure and threatened they are by women (and other men) who speak their truth without fear of intimidation. Thank you for showing us just how hateful you are that you feel the need literally threaten to physically fight women (and then promptly back out like the cowards you truly are) for pointing out how toxic certain aspects of masculinity are to both men and women. LOL!