Twitter is currently losing its collective shit over an ultra clean-cut, Richie Cunningham version of Fetty Wap’s hit “Trap Queen.”

While the song’s been covered about a bajillion times since it dropped earlier this year, this latest version by enterprising teen George Dalton has caught the ire of many on Twitter.

While some are feeling Dalton’s waspy ode to Fetty’s ride or die chick, others aren’t quite sure Dalton’s parents–or the adults who helped him put this slick video together–actually know what Fetty’s talking about.


In one scene, Dalton sings about “making pies” while a teen (tween?) girl makes an actual pie in the kitchen, and in another, a trio of cute teen/tween girls dance suggestively while Dalton croons about “getting high with my baby.”


While some songs are cool to get the kiddie makeover, I’m not sure “Trap Queen” is one of them. You know, because drugs.

Twitter isn’t sold either.

Interestingly (and sadly) enough, there’s also a kid version of “CoCo.”  Go figure.

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  • yoda

    I wanna know why these kids’ parents thought this was ok. Like, did no one do research about what the song is actually about???

    • Mitch

      Money made it ok.

  • We went from Chic, The Emotions, and the Dramatics, to this. I read some of the lyrics of the original song and it is certainly further validates my view of the song. Little kids should not glamorize a song like this and I wonder about their parents too. (in allowing their children to do something like this)

    • Mitch

      But, they got paid.

    • Yes, they did. Money a’int everything. IJS.

  • Rizzo

    the little white kids with the pink cheeks and blonde hair just made it all ok — made everyone smile, even laugh. what was dark and sordid became sunny and bright –white, cute, non-threatening, fabulously legal and made one crave pie. it’s a racist, sarcastic parody — the opposite of old blackface and minstrel shows all the way to the beautiful child driving the car as, maybe, their chauffeur ……