waka flockaThe transgender community has a bone to pick with Waka Flocka after an appearance on The Breakfast Club in which the rapper summarized most of what’s shown on TV today as “evil.” Already, his comments might seem a bit hypocritical considering Flocka appeared on one season of Love & Hip-Hop with his now-wife, Tammy, and his mom regularly guest stars on the VH1 reality series that’s the bane of most black women’s existence. But for his contribution to the genre, Flocka said, “I did it for an opportunity to show my wife and to show the community that black women, or I could say minority women, aren’t ratchet. I got tired of seeing that.”

Something else he’s tired of seeing is a lack of marketing to families. Speaking on his 2013 claim that he’d run for president in 2016, Waka said he made that declaration to enlighten his peers on what’s going on in the world today, which according to him is this:

“Women are afraid to be a wife and young males are afraid to be men. It’s not cool; they’re not marketing that. They don’t market families and husbands and wives no more. They’re marketing young girls, transgenders, they’re marketing evil, man. It’s really evil … Evil is marketed … I ain’t no religious man… I ain’t got nothing against anybody’s preferences, but putting it on TV, that’s crazy. Kids are the only people watching TV. Adults are too busy. They’re trying to control life.”

Expounding on Caitlyn Jenner, whom Waka called Bruce, he said:

“You are who you are when God made you, not who you became after he did. That’s how I just feel. You rebuking God, man. God ain’t put them feelings in you; that’s the devil playing tricks on your mind. That’s a test from God. If you can’t outbeat that one test, so you believe that, then you’ll believe everything else and you’re going down that way.”



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  • ImpeccableWoman

    Feeling Flocka these days…

  • D1Mind

    Need to focus more on presence black folks behind the scenes versus token black folks in front. When more black folks are behind the scenes on all levels creating, writing, producing and directing more meaningful, creative and stimulating content then you will see more black folks getting awards. Entertainment is an industry not just actors, where you need multiple skills and activities just to put on a show. And unfortunately black folks go for the token symbolism versus substance when it comes to that industry.

  • TT

    I don’t agree with him about the transgender individuals statement. If Caitlyn chooses to be Caitlyn, we should respect that. I guarantee it that you’ve come across a few transgendered individuals who have transitioned really well and when he/she told you they were a female/male, you believed it. We don’t understand everything in life, but that doesn’t mean you stay ignorant on it and disrespect someone in the process.