Young, Black single mothers are rarely lauded in the media, but in Raising Dion, one mom gets to be the star.

Raising Dion is a comic book by writer Dennis Liu and artist Jason Piperberg, and tells the story of Nicole, the widowed mother of a seven-year-old boy with inexplicable super powers. Unlike other superhero books, Raising Dion doesn’t follow the character with the powers, but instead focuses on the woman who gave the hero life.

“Traditionally in comics and really most stories, the protagonist is the one with the powers,” Piperberg told Fusion. “You see the world through the eyes of the character with all the abilities usually because they are immediately the most exciting and/or interesting person in the story.”

The change in perspective is refreshing, as is the comic book’s willingness to tackle issues of race and “the talk” many Black parents are forced to give to their kids.

“A lot of people still don’t get that the talk is a real thing that Black families have to have,” Piperberg explained. “I think it’s really important to step out of my bubble of privilege to see what’s really going on. To discover and look at injustices that have been swept under the rug, or worse, accepted as the norm by society.”

In Raising Dion Nicole struggles keep her son safe from shady outsiders while teaching him how not to misuse his powers. It’s not an easy task, but Nicole will do anything to protect Dion. While she initially struggles to raise a kid who can make himself invisible or levitate objects with his mind, Nicole quickly learns she’ll have to become a superhero first to raise one.

The video trailer for the comic book is nothing short of amazing. It not only offers a glimpse into what the Raising Dion series will be about, but it also makes us really wish it were a movie.

Take a look:

Seriously, who do we have to call to make this an actual film?!

Download the first issue of Raising Dion for free, or buy a copy to ensure the creators can continue the series.


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