Humans may have originated in Africa, but far too many people outside of the continent know very little about the Motherland.

Despite our world becoming increasingly global, some people still believe Africa is a country (it’s not), all of its people are poor (they aren’t), and it’s a region in constant distress (also, not true). While Africa–and many places around the world–still faces very serious issues, people aren’t learning about the continent.

Recently, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver released a special Back-to-School web video and delivered a spot-on rant about just how little American students learn about the world in schools.

Here’s what Oliver says about Africa and Asia:

“You will leave school knowing as much about those two continents as I know about actor Penn Badgley,” Oliver said. “You’ll know it’s something that exists in the world, but you won’t be able to give any facts about it other than the general shape.”

Sadly, for most Americans that’s super true.

What did you learn about Africa in school?

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