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Source: Twitter

We’ve all had one of those perplexing “on to the next” conversations with our girlfriends, pondering how a man who said he wasn’t ready for a relationship with us suddenly finds himself in a relationship with someone else. You may have even experienced a higher level of inquisition when a man who told you he didn’t believe in marriage is suddenly skipping down the aisle with a blushing bride who isn’t you. But what is the course of recuperation when a man who said he doesn’t want more kids impregnates another woman — after you’ve been rendered barren.

That question was the first thing that came to mind when Ne-Yo announced to the world that he is not only engaged (again) he is also expecting (again) but not with the mother of his two children, Monyetta Shaw, who’s since had her tubes tied, but with his new lady, Crystal Renay.

Though Ne-Yo insisted Monyetta’s tubal ligation is reversible and he isn’t some brute who forced her to undergo the procedure to begin with, I still can’t imagine what it feels like to have made that decision with a man whom you thought you would marry, only for him to be planning to marry someone else whom he’s already made a baby with.

A post on Monyetta’s Instagram yesterday hints that she might not be taking the news so well and while it’s easy to say “you made your bed, now you’ve got to lie in it” what exactly does that look like when that bed is now empty and the man who once occupied it is building a new family with someone else?


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What do you say Clutchettes, how would you move on in Monyetta’s situation?

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