Poor Caycee. Poor Caycee and her dreadlocks. According to Caycee’s mother, she’s being racially profiled and discriminated against because of her dreadlocks.

Caycee is an 8th grader at Lincoln Academy in Utah, and recently came back from a spiritual journey in Guatemala and her hair is part of her Hindu beliefs. But Lincoln Academy, which has a dress code policy that prohibits unnatural hair colors and distracting styles, asked Cunningham to remove her dreads.

Now let’s talk distracting.

I have no problem in people, regardless of their ethnicity, wearing dreadlocks. But let me say one thing about Caycee’s hair, yeah, that bang is distracting.

But anywho, Caycee’s mother, Tonya, is defending her daughter’s hair.

“My daughter is white and there happens to be other kids in the school who happen to be other race and ethnicity [sic] and they have hair that can’t be combed, and there’s never been an issue regarding that before.”

Wait: ‘And they have hair that can’t be combed’?

What does this even mean?

Tonya also said if they can’t come to a decision with the school, she’s putting her daughter in a different one.

Or maybe you should get rid of that distracting bang.


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  • Anonin

    Lol clutch these titles have been making me laugh the past week.

    Oh and poor Caycee I guess, will her hair (save for bangs) never see shampoo and water again??

  • Mali Lawrence

    what a rude troll parent, If black kids are terrorized for dreads/locs then guess what the rules apply to your child too, if she wants to emulate that hairstyle.

  • paintgurl40

    She looks like Oliver from the Brady Bunch….with horrible hair.

  • binks

    I can’t even call those locs, because that will be an insult to other loc wearers like my BFF. This child’s hair looks bad….plain and simple. There are white customers that are regulars at the salon I go too and they have locs (both faux and with their real hair) and none of their hair looks like this. Locs are a commitment and not just something you decide to want and half do them thinking it is going to turn out right…um no. And just because you aren’t combing it daily (side eye at the mom) doesn’t mean it isn’t groom.