Another day, another white person in blackface. Freidel Kushman, a yoga instructor from California, thought it was a good idea to wear blackface and dress up like an ‘African’. So much so, she bragged about doing it on Facebook.

went to the barordered a shirley templepretended to be african

Posted by Freidel Kushman on Monday, September 28, 2015

What is this woman’s problem? Needless to say, the comments on her post ranged from outrage to people questioning her sanity. But a further look into her Facebook page shows that she’s accustomed to posting problematic images. Some Facebook comments even went as far as posting her place of employment, in hopes that she’s fired from her job.

May a Google search of the name Freidal Kushman forever point to her racist photos.


Image Credit: Facebook

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  • Racists and haters always show their true colors directly and indirectly.

    These bigots are jealous. They are jealous of the beauty o our black melanin. They are jealous of our wonderful African phenotype. We suffered great injustices, yet we still exist in this modern society as teachers, lawyers, inventors, musicians, political leaders, social activists, architects, construction workers, explorers, gymnasts, artists, and other lovers of life. We praise Africans. Her blackface image is not only disrespectful. Her action will never deter us. Before the existence of the Pilgrims, we were here. Before the empires of Greece and Rome, we were here. So, if the Maafa and slavery couldn’t stop us, this current system of oppression will fail. We will continue to show real flavor since real flavor is part of our culture. Justice is the goal and black people will courageously fight for it.

  • Rizzo

    white ‘people’ know no depths … they keep digging and digging and digging …

  • mywordsaremypower

    She looks so stupid. These white hippies love to be immersed in culture and everyone else’s cultures is so beautiful. Why can they not just immerse themselves in white culture? It is that boring to a part of. I know it hard for them to see how other people of colour celebrate our cultures with so much beauty and love. Its okay you just admire from afar with your sandals and socks and unseasoned chicken breast (careful black pepper may be too hot). You no how funny it would of been if she got stopped by a cop and he would not listen to her and she thought she was on some type of hallucinogenics. I would love to see how fast she tries to rub the make up off. Then maybe she will realize our skin carries more than Love it carries Pain too. People keep pointing out she is a Lesbian but that does not make her immune from being racist. Its funny how people act more surprised when it is a person who is being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. Shes white that is enough barrier to be protected if she decides to be racist. It makes me sick when another oppressed group oppresses another but I guess its their way of being accepted. In their mind it is I may be gay, but at least I side with you on my white ignorance. I really would like to give her a good smack across the face, just so much it leaves a mark that is a constant reminder of her stupidity. What makes it even worse this is not the first time this Becky has done this It seems to be a hobby of hers. The white entitlement is high in this one, so high I think she is even snorted it.

  • c bemis

    i love black women but i’m certainly not jealous.

    • FromTokyo

      You’re not the person in question. Frankly, I’ll never understand why someone who is white, and thus favored in their home country, who has privilege beyond all other women, would do stuff like this. Why not enjoy your status and stop trying to punch down? There’s something more to the story. Insecurity at the very least.

    • yeah apparently she’s been getting away with it for a long time, and it’s not just black people she’s imitated.
      When I browsed her employer’s FB page, they denied her working with them and dismissed people’s posts as spam and blocked people from posting too.

  • Her place of work has terminated her and issued an apology.

    • Guest

      Just an aside: how many of us know that yoga was originally from Africa too?