Lawd, if I hear that phrase one more time, I swear I’m gonna scream.

How did this become a symbol of the average millennial relationship? And—even more important—how do we make it stop?

And no, this phrase is not to be taken in the literal sense…all the time. Sometimes, yes, he really does invite you over for just that. They even made a meme to explain the rational behind the absolute laziest form of dating interaction known to man:

Cost of Netflix and Chill

But sometimes it just means that neither of you (yep, I’m placing some of the blame on you ladies) actually cared enough to put some thought into making an actual plan that didn’t involve a TV, a “movie” and ultimately a bed and (hopefully) some condoms. C’mon, bruh.

Men, you need to do better. Stop being lazy, put on an outfit that doesn’t include sweats, socks and Nike slides (y’all know exactly what I’m talking about), and take your lady out to a place with real servers and cloth napkins. Make her feel like she’s worth taking the time out to surprise and celebrate. Treat her. Have an actual conversation. DO SOMETHING, DAMMIT. This is how relationships are built. This is how they last. You actually get to know the person you’re dating, not just what movie puts her in the mood to go from vertical to horizontal.

And women, you need to expect better. The next time he wants to “chill” introduce him to your friends Mr. Dial Tone and Señor Silence. Stop answering late-night texts. Value yourself and your time. Make sure he knows both are worth more than a pseudo movie date. Demand more for yourself, because once he knows that you’ll accept mediocrity, why would he bother to offer you exceptional?

Do better, y’all. We’re setting examples for the next generation. After all, do you really want “Netflix and Chill” to be a part of your epic love story? #QTNA


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