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Let’s just be real, there are many ways to keep a group of people from progressing and one such method that’s come up quite often in recent years is enforcing rules for black hair. From new dress codes that popped up out of the blue to arbitrary guidelines regarding what hairstyles are appropriate for “others” and which aren’t for us, the six black women on this list made headlines when their employers gave them the boot, all under the guise of professional policing.

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  • I’m glad that this article exists. This article shows to the world that various unfair, discriminatory policies involving hair has not ceased. Also, historically (then and now), our people have used hair not only as a way for us to express ourselves, but as a means for us to show the revolutionary aspect of our humanity. Many of the rules in many occupations are extremely strict in terms of hair policy. The women, who were fired because of certain hair policies, have become stronger in the process. We wish the best for all of the Sisters. Rhonda Lee was a story that I definitely knew too and her response to the situation was classy, inspirational, and courageous. Certainly, laws have to be changed, so black women can express their hair in a fashion that represents their personality and their humanity. We are motivated to be better, to defend honor, and to respect the common heritage that we share as one people.

  • Rizzo

    the hair is just another excuse. whites have been around black people in this country for 300 years. time to find another excuse.