Tiffany Bryan

Photo: NY Post, Wayne Carrington

Photo: NY Post, Wayne Carrington

Bone-marrow cancer survivor Tiffany Bryan decided to go natural in 2008 when her hair began growing back following chemotherapy treatment. That history was of no concern to AEG Worldwide, however, when in 2013 they fired Bryan, a security guard with the company at the time, for refusing to “tame” her afro.

Bryan filed a $900,000 suit against the company in Brooklyn Federal Court last year, saying her supervisor told her she “looked like she stuck her finger in a socket and was electrocuted” and another manager advised she “needed to do something with her hair.” Though Bryan tried to appease her superiors, the final straw came when she was told she had to wear her large ‘fro in a ponytail — a style that simply wasn’t doable. AEG has yet to comment on the suit, the outcome of which is still pending.

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