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It’s the biopic you’ve all been waiting for. Well maybe not. But Zoe Saldana’s Nina Simone biopic is finally getting a release date.

RLJ Entertainment acquired Nina and it looks as though the movie will be released in December. Controversy has surrounded the movie since its inception, and it’s been completed for over 2 years.

Many people feel that Saldana shouldn’t have been considered for the role, and darkening her skin and adding a prosthetic nose, was similar to blackface. Cynthia Mort, the film’s director, has already distanced herself from the project and even launched a lawsuit against the production company behind the film.

Mort’s lawsuit states that she had rights over the developing picture and “got approval over the final shooting script, the cast and crew, the line producer, the designer and all department head as well as consulting rights on advertising, distribution, shooting schedule and budget.” but “throughout the course of the film’s production and post-production, defendants consistently acted to frustrate Mort’s involvement in the film, thereby breaching the Director Agreement. These breaches by the Defendants include, but are not limited to: taking complete control of editing the Film in June 2013 and failing to consult with Mort about subsequent cuts and changes; abandoning Mort’s previous cuts of the Film; failing to disclose the Film’s financials, finishing budget, and financing deals; and failing to keep Mort informed of other crucial creative and budgetary developments and decisions throughout production and post-production of the Film.”

It seems as though there’s probably more drama surrounding the behind-the-scenes aspects of the movie, than the actual movie itself.

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