article-baby-1015A Bronx mother has been charged in the murder of her 6-month-old baby after she allegedly threw the baby out of a window.

According to NBC New York, Tenisha Fearon, 27, tossed the baby out of the window and when police arrived to investigate the incident, Fearon was naked and screaming and refused to answer the door for the police.

“After she threw them out, she was laying on the floor naked,” the witness said. “After that she started yelling, ‘God help!'”

Before Fearon threw her daughter out of the window, neighbors were begging and pleading with her not to. The baby was rushed to the hospital, but died shortly after.

“They were yelling at her, ‘Don’t do it. Think about it,’ ” neighbor Lizette Rodriguez said. “She was screaming, ‘We’re all gonna die.’

“That’s when I figured, ‘OK, this is time to call 911,’ ” Rodriguez said. As she was dialing, she heard a loud thump.

Fearon is now being charged with second-degree murder. Fearon has 3 other children, ages 4, 8 and 10, were in the apartment and witnessed their mother throwing their sibling out of the window.

Image Credits: Facebook/NBC New York

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  • Chazz A

    I cannot believe this has happened again. As I stated on another forum, the woman in Queens, that killed her four week old baby a couple of months ago, was allegedly suffering from post-partum depression. This may be the case for Ms Fearon as well. A more sinister side of this incident comes to mind. Theres a dangerous synthetic pcp/bath salts type drug going around the city. This could explain her abrupt mental breakdown and nakedness.

    In my opinion, this woman needs a thorough psychological evaluation, not a life sentence.