Ahmed Mohamed didn’t bring his clock, but he did get to meet President Obama on Monday during a visit to the White House. Mohamed joined the president and other science lovers for astronomy night.

In September, Ahmed was arrested and suspended from school after bringing a clock to school, that the teachers and officials assumed was a bomb. #IStandWithAhmed quickly became a trending topic and on Sept. 14, President Obama invited him to bring his clock to the White House. “Cool clock, Ahmed,” the President said on Twitter: “We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

During astronomy night students, teachers and space enthusiasts discuss science. Participants are also given the chance to build satellites and use professional grade equipment to stare at stars and the moon.

I’m quite sure Ahmed has a lot of stories to share with his friends. By the way, Ahmed is currently being homeschooled.

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  • OSHH

    Too bad he didn’t invent anything and has a rather interesting family history.

    • AfroCapricornette

      I don’t think any educated person actually thought that he invented a clock! And for those that thought so…ah well. I cannot put together IKEA flat pack WITH instructions let alone disassembling and reassembling electronics. So his father is politically active in Sudan. An American crime? Smh…

    • OSHH

      Interesting family like I said

  • Darkness901

    That kid is no genius. He too parts of a clock and placed it inside of a brief case. If you saw the original pictures, any person with a brain would have thought it could be a explosive device. He was told 3 times to put away the clock because of the chaos it could cause based on the way it looks.

    If something extreme happened that caused people to lose their lives, thousands of people would be blaming the school or law enforcement for doing nothing.

    This was just a lose-lose situation. You have a kid that has a middle eastern back ground, a device that looks like a bomb, and a school. If you report it, you’re a bigot and a stereotyping.

    I believe it this was a kid of a different background, this wouldn’t have been news. Especially if he was black.

    • mywordsaremypower

      It was the principle of how he was treated which caused outcry. Yes I agree it looks like a bomb. Though common sense prevails you would not go up to your engineer teacher and show her you have a bomb( some teacher she is, if she could not figure it out, she should maybe rethink her job. He was handcuffed and interrogated without his parents or a lawyer present. If this was an Tom or a Becky there is no way those police officers or the teachers would be scott free. It does not help either the mayor of the town is anti-Muslim and and spoke freely about it making people feel more scared if they saw a woman in hijab. If the child was black and the parents kicked up enjoying fuss it would have same outcry.

  • This story is very important. It shows that children should be involved in STEM fields. Also, this story shows the resilience of Ahmed Mohamed. Ahmed has gone through a lot, but I am certain that his future will be better than the past or the present. The kid is a genius. His father talked about his great technological abilities. He had told Larry Wilmore that he has built more complex items.

    We should always encourage the youth and others to fulfill their dreams and to have a strong, passionate love of learning. Here are the facts. Mohamed said that students and staff member of his middle school bullied him. One suspension was overturned. Mohamed said that he was interrogated before he was arrested and he wasn’t allowed to contact his family. He was later not charged with a crime and the police even determined that he had no malicious intent. For some to claim that Ahmed was some terrorist is the height of ignorance, bigotry, and Islamophobia. Not all people with a Middle Eastern background is a terrorist. People will report things, but folks’ human rights shouldn’t be circumvented either. We have a problem in America with people who want to exaggerate incidents or exploit prejudices in this nation as an excuse for some to promote a climate of fear, hatred, and Islamophobia.

    Real people don’t believe that Ahmed Mohamed is a direct threat. The police can easily investigated the clock, and let him go. Yet, Ahmed was arrested and suffered an ordeal that no child should suffer. The police overacted. Yes, I’m going to go there. We wish Ahmed the best in his homeschooling. Ahmed has a very inquisitive mind and he should be encouraged to follow his dreams.

    • Bull Manure

      What are you smoking? Must be good stuff….

    • I’m not surprised by a reactionary like you. Ahmed Mohamed has every right to live his life.