Remember when sororities at the University of Alabama came under fire for refusing to admit Black women? Well, now that they have a few in the ranks, some members of one UA sorority are refusing to publicly support one of their Black sisters as she runs for Homecoming Queen.

According to an op-ed by the university paper the Crimson White, some upperclassmen of Alpha Gamma Delta are discouraging their members from taking to social media to support their own sister, Halle Lindsay. Lindsay was one of first four Black women to ever be offered and accept a bid into the organization, and now, her sorority is officially supporting another Homecoming candidate from another organization.

As if!

 The Crimson White breaks down the drama:

On Monday, screenshots from an anonymous source allegedly showed a GroupMe of sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta discussing their sorority sister, Halle Lindsay, and the fact that they weren’t allowed to publicly support her for Homecoming Queen. “There will be so many consequences and they don’t tell you that until after you vote because everyone’s supposed to have a ‘choice,’” one of the messages read. They went on to discuss March’s SGA Presidential election, in which several Alpha Gams supported Elliot Spillers over Machine nominee Stevie Keller, and blamed that support for Mary Harmon Tyson losing the Machine nomination for Homecoming Queen to Phi Mu Katelyn Katsafanas. “If we keep going against the Machine we…will not have as many opportunities to be involved on campus,” the last message ended.

Apparently, “The Machine” is a super powerful group of UA Greeks from each organization who band together to wield considerable power, some of which extends far beyond the campus.

 The Crimson White notes: 

At one time in Alabama’s history, not long ago, being a member of the Machine was practically the only way to be elected to statewide, and sometimes local, public office. Machine members include former governors, senators, and many current state legislators, to say nothing of local politicians in Tuscaloosa.

(screenshots via the Huffington Post)



Despite the lack of loyalty from some older members of Lindsay’s sorority, not all of Alpha Gamma Delta’s (AGD) members have chosen to support someone else.

AGD member Xan Nicola penned a heartfelt blog post encouraging her fellow member to vote for Lindsay.

“Sisters stand by your side no mater what,” Nicola wrote. My Alpha Gam sister, Halle Lindsay, is running for Homecoming Queen at University of Alabama, so stand by her I will.”

While her own sorority isn’t fully supporting her run to be campus queen, Lindsay cleared a major hurdle on Tuesday when she was elected to the Homecoming Court.

Friday, Lindsay will find out if she won the crown. We wish her luck!

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