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Italian tennis star Roberta Vinci was clearly still feeling herself after ending Serena Williams’ shot at making history last month, but she got served a piping hot slice of humble pie from Serena’s big sister Venus when she tried to take things to another level during their recent match in China.

Just three weeks after Roberta defeated Serena at the 2015 U.S.Open semifinals in New York, she came face-to-face with Venus at the Wuhan Open semifinals in China. The two tennis champs both brought their A game to the court with a grueling 3-set match that saw Roberta struggling to keep up early on before later making a comeback that resulted in a tense tiebreak ending.

Emotions…and frustrations….were apparently running sky-high during the match. At one point, a visibly irritated Roberta was heard hurling profanity at Venus before following up with snarky sarcasm, all in response to Venus apparently taking longer than she’d like in between points.

Check out the memorable moment in the video clip below.

Unfortunately for Roberta, no one gave her the memo on how things normally go down when you try to come for Venus. Responding only with the signature “Excuse me?” phrase of the unbothered, not only did Venus refrain from stooping to Roberta’s level by not engaging in petty bickering, she also went on to win the match and even managed a little praise for Serena in the process. She had this to say following her victory over Roberta according to Tennis magazine:

“Definitely watching the match at the U.S. Open, I learned a lot from Serena. If I could, I’d give my win to Serena at the U.S. Open. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.”

Serena returned the love by celebrating her sister’s win on her Instagram page.

Congrats to @venuswilliams for winning Wuhan! So happy you did it! #williamsistersrule #williamssisterscontinue #venusrises

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#BlackGirlMagic reigns supreme again courtesy of the Williams sisters….and we love it!

Photo Credit: Getty/Serena Williams Instagram/Hamptons Magazine

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