Rachel Dolezal is back and not only does she have a new hairstyle, she’s talking to the women of The Real.

On Monday, November 2nd, Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter president who made national headlines when everyone discovered she was actually white and not the black woman she claimed to be, sits down and discusses racial identity. But Loni Love, who doesn’t have time to pussyfoot around, blatantly asks her the one question that is on her mind.

Loni Love: Now this is my other question, um cause you in my house. Okay, so let’s get real, alright?

Loni: We’re just trying to figure this out, so we can understand where you’re coming from. ‘Cause it was hurtful to a lot of black women… there were some people that felt that you never identified yourself as white. So like when you went to Howard University, some people felt like they never knew you were white, you were black. And so they felt like maybe the scholarship or you know when you got admitted to Howard, that took a opportunity from a black woman.

Loni: But we’re trying to understand why in some instances you never told people that you were white. Are you, are you ashamed of being white?

One has to wonder what Dolezal’s answer will be, especially since she’s tried to dodge the question all of this time.

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