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New Northside Missionary Baptist Church, St Augustine Catholic Church, New Testament Church of Christ, New Life Missionary Baptist Church, and Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Ferguson, Mo., have all been victims of arson over the last two weeks. And all the city can come up with is a $2,000 reward in finding the arsonist.

Capt. Garon Mosby, spokesman for the St. Louis Fire Department, says the most recent fire at Ebenezer only had minor damage, but it’s being added to the growing list of incidents that they’re investigating since Oct. 8.

The Anti-Defamation League condemned the series of fires on Monday.

“While no racial motive has yet been established, the fear and intimidation in the African-American community is substantial and must be validated,” read an Anti-Defamation League news release.

Below is the list and dates of the church fires:

Oct. 8 • Bethel Nondenominational Church, 6380 Lillian Avenue in Jennings, near the St. Louis city limit.

Oct. 10 • New Northside Missionary Baptist Church, 8645 Goodfellow Boulevard in Jennings.

Oct. 14 • St. Augustine Catholic Church, 1371 Hamilton Avenue in St. Louis.

Oct. 15 • New Testament Church of Christ, 5740 Minerva Avenue in St. Louis, less than four blocks from St. Augustine.

Oct. 17 • New Life Missionary Baptist Church, 4569 Plover Avenue in St. Louis.

Oct. 18 • Ebenezer Lutheran Church, 1011 Theobald Street in St. Louis

One has to wonder what it’ll take for the federal authorities to take this seriously? Will bodies need to be dragged out of a burning church? It’s obvious these church fires aren’t coincidental.

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  • mywordsaremypower

    The authorities know who is doing and they are going to keep hush about it. It is the south and the south pretty much never changed, it is is just a different time now where they could do some time behind bars. This is racily motivated and you cannot say group otherwise, where are the white peoples church burning. It would not be surprising if it is a group consisting of authoritative figures and townsfolk. Racism is very serious mental illness, it is time we start addressing it in that way.

    • BillipPhailey

      Don’t conflate a learned and acquired behavior with medical issues. Your implication is that people can’t help it.

      That’s not true.

    • mywordsaremypower

      Some people cannot though. I have tried reasoning with full blown racists before and nothing I say or anyone has said to them has changed their mind. It is not even the fact they know their wrong and want to be proud about , they generally think this way. Racism is a mental illness of a different kind, it causes you to hate and not see the truth. Just like any mental illness it takes a long time to overcome or never at all. You cannot just make a racist turn their ideals and notions over in a week let alone a year. However long it has taken them to get that way it is going to take that then some. Mental illneses are not all the same, they are all different from the next and you should not group them in this way either.

  • BillipPhailey

    The “men” of the church can start by taking shifts guarding while armed.

    There is enough collective money to purchase surveillance equipment for the street/property/premises with a live feed to a computer and law enforcement. Send the images to the FBI and You Tube.

    Stop being so helpless black men. This one’s on you. The union cavalry is not coming.

    • CoolChic


  • Anyone who burned the churches in St. Louis and in its surrounding areas should be brought to justice. Damage done to religious buildings is cowardly, cruel, and blatantly evil. Racism is still found in St. Louis. Some areas of the Midwest are known for vicious bigotry and hate. Yet, racism is not just a Midwestern problem. Racism and vandalism or the burning of religious locations are worldwide problems. Black folks fought the restrictive resident covenants of the 20th century in order for housing rights to be maintained. We see how the effects of suburbanization and deindustrialization have affected St. Louis in many ways. Also, St. Louis is known for strong black people who stood up for justice then and now. Therefore, security measures should be implemented in religious locations around the area. I have no problem with patrols around the churches which are organized and led by community leaders. Cameras placed on the churches is something that I agree with too. Also, the federal government (not just the state and local governments) should be involved with this. This is a federal problem. This story cements the quintessential truth that we don’t live in a colorblind society. The burning of churches should never be tolerated at all.

  • Mitch

    Where is the new attorney general or the head of DHS?