Don’t you just love how every October brings out white college students’ inner racists? We thought we had a couple more weeks before the blackface costumes popped up on social media yet again, but a UCLA fraternity already got a head start on Halloween inappropriateness with a Kanye Western-themed party complete with white boys who wore baggy clothes and had “their foreheads covered in charcoal” and women who showed up as “Kardashians” with plumped lips and padded bottoms, according to UCLA’s student paper The Daily Bruin.

UCLA spokesman Ricardo Vazquez told the New York Post the university had temporarily suspended Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Phi sorority, the organizations that threw the raid. UCLA also put out the statement below:

“We are concerned about these allegations and earnestly working to gather information about what occurred, talking to all those involved. While we do not yet have all the facts, the alleged behavior is inconsistent with good judgment as well as our principles of community. We remind students that while they are free to celebrate in ways that draw on popular culture, their specific choices can cause harm and pain to fellow members of their community. Put simply: Just because you can do something does not mean you should.”

Though UCLA has declined to comment further on the incident, the Afrikan Student Union at the university is saying plenty, launching a #BlackBruinsMatter movement to address the issue. Several of the black student organization’s members also reportedly confronted members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity after the incident and even asked them to attend the town hall meeting held this past Thursday in addition to a campus protest.

The UCLA chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity is currently under investigation by the organization’s national office so there’s no word on just how “temporary” their current suspension will be. Given the page out of the #BlackLivesMatter movement these students have taken and the hashtag activism still running strong online we bet they won’t see another party before graduation.

Check the photos of the protesters.

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  • Lelani

    My first instinct is to dismiss this party as just that, a group of young people having fun with a misguided party theme. But, remembering my own college days, and seeing first hand the social and structural racism and exclusionary tactics that is practiced all in the name of ‘fun. ‘ It’s not fun to make people the butt of jokes/fun. For some reason, it is always black people and black culture that is is targeted for other people’s entertainment. These students who engaged in this party do feel that they are above the people they are mocking, and their party guests were limited to like minded people who see the world from a certain perspective. Any attempts at being oblivious to the harm they caused and the outrage this party has caused is disengenious. Any group that works so hard to limit contact with people they deem to be different, and the sheer joy they revel in to live in an upper ‘elite’ whitewash world, with the only contact with ‘others’ is through parody and stereotypes; don’t be surprised when you are found out and confronted about your bigotry. They are bigots.

  • ApMillz-CT

    I don’t give a f*** about these people throwing a K00naye-Themed Blackface party! Kanye said, “Racism is a outdated concept” LOL! Let those Trashians be outraged! Black People! WE NEED TO STOP STANDING UP FOR PEOPLE THAT DOESN’T STAND UP FOR US!! WAS KANYE IN DC THIS WEEKEND?? DID HE SPEAK UP ABOUT ERIC, TRAYVON, MIKE B, FREDDY?? F HIM! LET THOSE HIS NEW WHITE FAMILY MARCH AND BE UPSET..

  • The racists who participated in the “blackface” are wrong and despicable. These racists are very jealous of the beauty of black people. Also, the actions from the racists prove once against that racism is a cancer. It has spread globally and other courageous activists are making the point that they aren’t going to stand for this blatant disrespect of black people. This is bigger than Kanye West. This is about a serious problem where some white people try to mock the image of black people in the guise of “entertainment.” As other UCLA black protesters have said, our black culture is not a costume. Repugnant actions have hurt many students in UCLA. Not to mention that other racists have disrespected Asians and other human beings. This is not just found in UCLA. There are tons of IG memes that mock black men, black women, and even black children. That should be strongly called out as well. Universities are supposed to be locations where debate, inquiry, and research are made available among students of many background. It should never be a place where racist invective is established. The actions of the racist fraternity are truly deplorable.