Sunday night’s Basketball Wives L.A. season finale ended with quite a bang and seemingly left the future of cast member Brandi Maxiell’s presence on the show in limbo after she was involved in a heated, on-camera confrontation with executive producer Shaunie O’Neal…..but should Brandi really be on the chopping block?

In case you haven’t tuned in to this season of the show, Shaunie has been a consistent cast member on the L.A. stint this time around, appearing in most of the episodes and even bringing on her fellow Basketball Wives Miami/New York cast member Tami Roman mid-way through the season. For the duration of their time in L.A., both Shaunie and Tami found the California girls to be overly catty, immature and childish in their approach (or lack thereof) to resolving issues among the group. Shaunie was vocal about her annoyance with the how the group operates on several occasions throughout the course of the season, both with them present and in separate conversations with Tami.

To Shaunie’s point, anyone who tuned in to the show this season will likely agree with Shaunie and Tami’s observations in some capacity, as the L.A. cast did spend much of their time rehashing supposedly resolved issues and taking things to heart that could have been easily settled had one or all parties involved learned to choose their battles better. However, one aspect of Shaunie’s criticism that was ironically inaccurate was her constant comparison of the L.A. cast to that of the Miami cast, where she often attempted to paint the Miami cast as being more mature and less petty.


Come again, Shaunie?

The Miami bunch may have turned over new leaves during the final few episodes of their last season, but anyone who tuned in to any of the five Basketball Wives Miami seasons can agree that the notion that they conducted themselves with “maturity” or were “level-headed” in their approach to solving problems couldn’t be further from the truth. (Who can forget the endless amount of catty drama between Evelyn, Tami, Jennifer, Royce, Suzie, Gloria, Shaunie and Laura?) But, we digress.


All of the L.A. ladies became irritated with Shaunie’s criticisms of their group at some point during the season, but cast member Brandi Maxiell was easily the most bothered and decided to confront Shaunie with her frustrations during a sit down dinner on the beach as their Puerto Rico vacation came to a close on the season finale. In short, Brandi expressed to Shaunie that she found her constant “belittling” of their group to be disrespectful and even went as far as to ask Shaunie why she continued to come around them if she found them to be so intolerable.

And that’s where the fight started.

In response to Brandi’s question, Shaunie calmly reminded Brandi that this was “her group” and that she was the reason Brandi was “brought into the group” [read: allowed to join the show as a cast member] in the first place. Failing to heed Shaunie’s unbothered yet still cautionary tone, Brandi continued on and ended up telling Shaunie that she “acts like a bitch,” as the rest of the group looked on in shock. Their argument continued to escalate, with Brandi calling Shaunie a bitch yet again before implying that she’s only relevant because of her last name and executive producer title. Shaunie responded in kind, suggesting that Brandi “check her muthafuckin references” and making it clear that she worked hard to make the franchise a success on her own and never once pulled the “EP” card among the girls or relied on her affiliation to Shaq to further her career. The out-of-control conversation ended with Shaunie dismissing Brandi from the group with a simple “thank you for your services,” as Brandi made her exit from the dinner.

You can check out the explosive argument between Shaunie and Brandi in the clip below.

The Brandi vs Shaunie face off was met with mixed reactions from viewers, with some feeling that Brandi was completely out of line given Shaunie’s position as the shows’ executive producer and others believing that Brandi should be able to speak honestly about her experiences without consequence regardless of Shaunie’s title.

On one hand, given the way that the franchise has operated up to this point, Brandi should be certainly be able to speak up if she feels disrespected by any of her cast members. However, Brandi should have also been more mindful than to call Shaunie out of her name and not expect to be threatened with losing her spot on the show.

On the other hand, Shaunie made the decision to be a cast member as well as an executive producer, so it was only a matter of time before she ended up being subjected to the same nasty name-calling and insults as the other girls.

So, what are your thoughts on all of this Clutchettes? Should Brandi be in jeopardy of losing her job for cursing out her boss? Or is Shaunie fair game as a cast member?

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  • Sharod Butler

    Let’s be abundantly clear cause this has actually gotten on my nerves, at no time during this season was Shaunie condescending or disrespectful towards Brandi….If people would be honest and stop helping Brandi be a victim everyone would say she had absolutely no storyline…. I feel bad she “HAD” cancer but its only so much you can talk about that….. Brandi needed to do something to increase her relevance on the show so she decided to stir some shit up with Shaunie and Tammi… Yes, when Shauni made the choice to be a cast member she is fair game but there is also how you say things as well… Brandi kept saying you act like a bitch the final thing baby girl said was “YOU’RE A BITCH” that shit came from her soul…. If you watch the clip Brandi knew she had gone to far but she got on that train and couldn’t get off. None of us could call our bosses a bitch and keep a job. Just because this is tv doesn’t make it any different. I just wish people would stop upholding Brandi in her mess and agreeing with stupidity. PEOPLE LOVE AN UNDERDOG NO MATTER HOW WRONG THEY ARE!!!!!

  • cherry

    It wasn’t just Brandi calling her BOSS a bitch, more than once, she called her JUST the ex wife, flaunting her surname and title. She had the nerve to ask her BOSS why was she around, if they were so immature, along with a few accusations that made HER feel a certain way. Is this girl in La La land? She’s too self centered to realize their story line was tanking and Shaunie, along with Tami, came on to save it. She’s too arrogant to realize you never get so comfortable with your BOSS to talk like that. Hell, some friends won’t tolerate it. Did she forget Shaunie paid for the trip? Did she forget Shaunie told them all their topic of conversations were immature? Did Brandi or the others take note? Even laughing was an issue with Brandi. Only an immature, insecure individual would get worked up about what they “assume”. Even on a reality show there are boundaries and she overstepped hers big time.

    For those who are so gleeful Brandi “stood up” to Shaunie and Tami just remember this. Both are self made millionaires while Brandi is JUST a wife who has to depend on her husband. At the end of the day they will continue making money while Brandi saw her last BBWLA check. Now let’s see how many bills Brandi can pay by “stand up” to others that have more going on than her, While she’s stuck on her list of people who “hurt her feelings’ the big girls are making things happen.

  • deepdimples1975

    Is Tami and Shaunie fair game? I believe they showed that to let Malaysia and Brandi say some of the things they did, like then I’ll swing on you too, etc., and Malaysia and Brandi had fair game to go as far as they did. But if I’m Bo$$ and you call me a bitch, you just fired yourself!