A California woman is rightfully angry after finding a slave doll included as part of a pirate ship set given to her son as a birthday present.

Ida Lockett of Sacramento says she was initially unaware of the toys’ details when her son first received it as a gift on his birthday, but was disturbed with her findings upon further inspection of the doll which came with the set.

The brown-skinned doll is dressed in a yellow shirt, brown “tattered” pants and no shoes. Ida told CBS News that the toy came with instructions to shackle the “slave” doll, which she found to be outwardly racist.

“You cannot have this specific accessory and call it anything else,” she said. “The fact that you can Google it, look it up, say what it is—it’s a slave collar.”

“It’s definitely racist,” she said. “It told my son to put a slave cuff around the black character’s neck, and then to play with the toy.”

The local Sacramento NAACP president has since spoken out about the toy, insisting that it needs to be removed from shelves. We couldn’t agree more.

Photo Credit: CBS

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  • Rizzo

    one does not have to wonder what ‘some’ people are/were thinking when it comes to black people — even when buying a birthday gift. a wish for the good old days.

  • Taz

    The little thing looks like a rock star with a big necklace on to me. I wouldn’t have even thought slave.

    • NIKI

      You missed the point where she said it came with instructions to use the doll as a slave doll.

    • Taz


  • We don’t live in a colorblind society. This story proves it once again. I feel for the mother and the child. The collar around the doll’s neck totally makes manifest the insensitive nature of the toy. Another point is to be made too. Many children are exposed to a lot of anti-black propaganda in the world. We should be cognizant of this reality and make sure that black children are told constantly about their great value as black people, because many people in the world want to advance prejudice, racism, colorism, and other evils. I hope the best for the mother and her son.

    • binks

      Agreed Truth! This is not surprising conditioning starts at a young age. I mean look no further then the black doll/white doll experiment. Thank goodness it is getting better in some aspects but honestly you need to be aware and on the look out constantly even as something simple as a “toy”.

    • Exactly Sister. The revolting things about the toy is that it showed the doll shackled and it admitted that this doll is a slave doll. Discernment is always key. We have activists telling the truth about the beauty of blackness. We have many organizations that are helping the black youth in incredibly positive ways, but as you have mentioned, we have to constantly be on guard to counteract the agenda of racists. The black doll/white doll experiment reminds us that colorism and bigotry have no place in a progressive society.

    • binks

      Yeah, I don’t know what the hell these people were thinking (or should we say not thinking) when they made this crap. I just google the whole toy set and both of the figures depicted as slaves were darker than the “pirates…side eye” so even if you didn’t read the instructions the message was loud and clear here. Sucks, but more things change the more they stay the same…smh

    • That’s interesting that you mentioned pirates since the white pirates centuries ago were criminals, terrorists, many of them were rapists, etc. Today, we face new threats just like back in the day. Some things never change in this society. Everybody can recognize the intention of that despicable toy. The toy is a mockery of the suffering of our black ancestors. We won’t stand for this and we will allow our concrete, congruently clear voices heard.

    • binks

      You hit the nail on the head Truth on both points! I don’t know why pirates are all of a sudden “cool” when historically they are anything but then again there was whole generations who grew up playing “Cowboys and Indians” with the Native Americans as the bad people…side eye. But I do see an silent (and not so silent) movement these days of trying to downplay or normalize slavery and the tragedy that has happened to our ancestors and that is still effecting us today from this “toy”, to the textbook referring to slaves as “immigrant workers”, officials still messing with voters’ rights, etc. So I don’t care how oversensitive some people say we are being but there is differently undercurrents happening trying to change the perception of the truth.

    • The truth is not going to be rainbows and sunshine all of the time. In Texas, Colorado, and other states, there is an agenda by reactionaries to minimize or sugarcoat slavery, the Civil War, the civil rights movement, etc. in textbooks. The reactionaries are desperate to promote the myth that the free market is omnipotent and the the Civil War was just about “states’ rights” alone. We know the truth. The Native Americans experienced genocide and many of their treaties broken by domestic terrorists. Animals species like buffalo was nearly made extinct by ruthless hunters. 50 Years after the protests in Selma, we still are fighting for our voting rights. That’s a shame and a scandal. The “toy” is another remainder of not only the fallacy of the post racial mythos. It is an attack on the beauty of blackness.

  • mywordsaremypower

    Oh dear Lego! Bricked up on this one. I swear the white people in charge know what they are doing. If someone dared bring up the race element; the reply would have been “It’s 2015”. I hate when people say it’s “2015” when talking about race. Is there some kind of sell by date I’m unaware o. I’m sorry I did not know racism was supposed to end in 2015. Yes we live in a world where it has changed but it is not changed enough for us to be exclaiming racism should d be over. The battle of race is still going on.