harold-perrineau-320Actor Harold Perrineau (Oz, Sons Of Anarchy) recently penned an open letter to critics suggesting his biracial daughter Aurora isn’t black enough to be portraying an African-American character in the musical fantasy drama film Jem And The Holograms.

In the essay published to The Wrap just before the film’s release, Perrineau wrote “The reason I’m so angry right now (and I’m sure that many people will be able to understand this) is that I feel like my daughter – MY CHILD – is being attacked. She is being harshly and unfairly judged during a time when she should be relishing her accomplishments.” He also added that some people have even gone as far as to suggest the young actress “kill herself” for taking the role.

Aurora Perrineau, 20, plays Shana Elmsford in the film, a brown-skinned African-American character with geometrically flawless purple kinky/curly hair. When news that Harold’s fair-skinned, half white daughter was cast as the group’s only black character last year, numerous people expressed their disappointment and anger over the decision, stating that once again casting directors had “white washed” a black girl with a deep skin tone.

Jem And The Holograms, which hit theaters this past weekend, opened to drastically low numbers. Some say the film flopping is due to its storyline, based on the 1980s television series by the same name – bearing little resemblance to the show fans had grown to love so deeply.

You can read the full version of Harold’s essay over at The Wrap and let us know whether or not you think Aurora was the right fit for the role in the comments below.

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