Tuesday night, Mara Brock Akil’s drama ‘Being Mary Jane’ returned to BET for its third season and it did not disappoint.

The show, which follows network news anchor Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle Union) as she navigates life and love, was the most-watched series on cable last night with more than 2.2 million viewers tuning in.

Season three started with a bang, as Mary Jane was forced to deal with the aftermath of a car accident that was brought on by the revelation that her best friend had been fooling around with the love of her life. While she literally, and figuratively, kicked them both to the curb during the premiere, it was Mary Jane’s conversation with her little brother PJ that had many woman saying, “Yaaaas.”

During the heart-to-heart, PJ tells Mary Jane she needs to get over David (her ex) because he’s a “bitchmade man” who is too entitled to step up and fight for a “difficult” woman.


But he doesn’t leave it there, PJ goes on to drop this little gem on his big sis:

“We silver-spoon brothers think just because we went to private school or were never in jail, Black women should be happy they’re in our presence.”

Well damn.

Still, that wasn’t enough. PJ kept on breaking it all the way down.

Twitter was feeling PJ’s words too.

The scene was so good, even Union was feeling it.

The two-hour season opener of Being Mary Jane was so, so good y’all! We’re excited to see how this season develops.

Did you tune in? What did you think of Tuesday night’s Being Mary Jane premiere? 

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  • Tanielle

    I watched this last night and this scene really spoke to be about a man that I once loved very deeply and the issues I had while with him. Wasn’t willing or interested in doing his share of the work to make the relationship work. Happily reaped all the benefits but reciprocity was non existent. I too fell in love with a buster. There is nothing worse than a man who won’t show up for you fight for you and what you have but expects unconditional love and support. I really enjoyed this scene.

  • ShaunaInFlux

    That scene spoke to what single women are dealing with daily — men who’ve decided “no effort” is the only effort their putting in. Courting a female went out of style a long time ago and I don’t think it’s making a comeback. Men don’t have to put in any work because there’s always going to be a woman out there who will tolerate their BS. The women who expect more and voice their dissatisfaction are labeled “difficult”. As woman, we need to stop putting these men on pedestal’s because they have some of the qualities we desire. All that glitters isn’t gold, especially when it comes with an egotistical attitude and lackluster effort.

  • VoiceofReason

    You can’t promote a casual hookup society and at the same time complain about men not wanting to work for a “difficult” woman. In this day and age most decent men believe that sex and relationships are something that both parties willingly participate in, not something that the man has to earn(which is sexist because it downplays a woman’s indvidiual agency).

  • dcblackman

    Sigh….I’m not sure if a few of these professed “difficult” women understand that not all women are “difficult.” Therefore, why would a man (EVEN A BLACK MAN) waste his time with a broken and difficult woman when you can meet a nice, well raised, “non-difficult” woman?