yC5Emg11Hillary Clinton met Friday with activists associated with the Black Lives Matter movement in Washington.

During the meeting, Clinton made efforts to discuss issues that activists brought to the table. From systematic racism, to the prison industrial complex.

The meeting included DeRay Mckesson, who has become a voice from social media to a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We didn’t agree about all the issues, but in the end I think that we felt heard,” Mckesson told MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts

Clinton dubbed Mckesson as the ‘social media emperor’, but the importance of discussing the prison system did not fall on deaf ears.

According to reports, Clinton wants to end both private prisons and immigration detention centers. “Her first major speech as a presidential campaign called for criminal justice reform, but her forthcoming policy will be more detailed,” the report says.

After the meeting with the activists, Clinton took to social media to solidify her stance on racism in America.

“Racism is America’s original sin,” Clinton tweeted.

One has to wonder whether or not Clinton realizes the role her husband played in the present day prison issues?


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  • PrimmestPlum

    Still not voting for her.

    • She’s already pandering which is the first step before she tries to Triangulate.

  • It is obvious what Hillary Clinton stands for. She has stood for the extrajudicial assassination of Muammar Gaddafi (in 2011) and the NATO war attacks in Libya. Libya once had a strong standard of living in Africa. NATO bombings of Libya have caused the current civil war in that nation. She has supported the current Kiev regime, which is filled with right wing extremists. She has voted for the Iraq War and allied with Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill (which has expanded the prison industrial complex. Bill Clinton did nothing to deal with the genocidal war in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the 1990’s). She has supported policies of militarism in Syria. We know that the Syrian crisis (which has been grown via Western imperialism. We know that Turkish forces have attacked the Kurds in Syria and we know that many so-called “moderate” groups in Syria are actually terrorists) has caused the refugee situation in the Middle East and in Europe.

    Hilary Clinton has once supported the TPP and now she opposes it. She is funded by the same banks who promote predatory lending, austerity, and privatization measures. BLM members talked with her. BLM should maintain its political independence. In the final analysis, there should be real investments in housing, healthcare, and education. We are opposed to imperialism. We don’t need to bow down to Republican establishment or the Democratic establishment. We want political freedom.

  • PirmasensVet

    Black votes matter huh Hillary. Don’t fall for it people.