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Have you ever had one ex that you just couldn’t shake? That’s exactly what happens with Imani and Dewale in How Did We Get Here, a new web series from the creative teams behind the popular series Brothers With No Game (BWNG) and Life of Hers.

How Did We Get Here follows the complicated love affair between Imani and Dewale, two childhood sweethearts. Though they’ve been broken up for years, a chance meeting brings them back together and they realize their old feelings are all still there.

Unlike some series, How Did We Get Here is beautifully shot and is so well-written you can’t help but get wrapped up in Imani and Dewale’s relationship and what will happen next.

The story is told in reverse, but the series can be viewed in either direction, which may give you a slightly different take on the couple’s relationship.

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How Did We Get Here is also in keeping with BWNG’s mission to tell more Black British stories.

“We’re committed to providing a platform which best showcases the culturally diverse range of talent and narratives in the UK that can be enjoyed worldwide,” says series writer Leon Mayne. “I was a big fan of the concept and honored to be approached to brainstorm the project with Olan and write the script. We’re looking forward to helping the project reach a loyal audience.”

We’re certainly hooked!

Take a look at the first two episodes below.

Watch the rest of the series, here

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