McDonald’s rolled out it’s new “all day breakfast” campaign today, which allows patrons to order up an Egg McMuffin or sausage biscuit whenever they feel like it. While the fast food giant hopes the move will help boost lagging sales, other breakfast joints are taking a few friendly shots at Ronald McDonald’s crown.

On Twitter, the hashtag #AllDayBreakfast is trending thanks to a paid promotion by the Golden Arches, but famed pancake purveyors IHOP have a message for Micky Ds–y’all late.

The folks behind IHOP’s Twitter account continued to throw elbows at McDonald’s, even invoking Nicki Minaj’s now-infamous “Miley, what’s good?” MTV moment.

McDonald’s hasn’t responded to IHOP’s Twitter taunts, but something tells us they might just want to leave it alone.

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