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Serena Williams has a new boyfriend and we know what you’re thinking. What about Drake? Well, apparently – the sparks between Serenarake/Drakerena were merely those a flirty friendship, an anonymous source told US Weekly.

According to the newest issue of the mag, Serena and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian met at a lunch and hit it off pretty well! The tennis pro is now making love a key part of her daily routine, bringing 32-year-old Alexis to her workouts at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics. An onlooker reported that “He called her babe and they held hands.”

Ohanian has even been getting into her sport of choice. Says the source, “He said he’d never been into tennis until they started dating!”

Could be this be a match (pun intended) made in heaven?

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  • Me

    I normally wouldn’t care, but I really hope she’s not dating a man who knowingly provides a platform for racists to congregate.

    • bluelight74

      Couldn’t agree more. Reddit has become a cesspool of racism and misogny. And this guy constantly gave mealy mouthed defenses of some of the worst of it. He reminds me of many of the white dudes I went to school with. A goofy guy with a false veneer of liberalism but inside is fircely loyal to the white male code.

    • D1Mind

      I guess all that black pride love her father tried to lavish on her and her sister…. but we’ll see. It makes no sense considering the consistent mistreatment they have been getting from the same white population…..

    • CoolChic

      Good point.

  • Who she dates is no one’s business except her’s. As others have mentioned here, she’s a legendary athlete and an inspiration for girls and women in the world. She has shown the world that a woman’s strength is beautiful and that excellence is a great trait of black women worldwide.

  • ALM247

    She’s trying to throw us off the scent of the Drake relationship….smart move, Serena. Keep your privacy

  • drm

    Glad to see she is enjoying her social life. After all her hard work she deserves it.

  • Rizzo

    she has earned and deserves peace and contentment