Oh man, looks like Karrine Steffans is channeling her inner-Petty Wap.

After word spread that Steffans’ former paramour, Lil Wayne was shopping a sex tape, the self-proclaimed Video Vixen decided to take a look…but not before dropping some shade Wayne’s way.

Oh snap.

Steffans continued to comment on Wayne’s skills…or lack there of, and even joked that she should call the rapper’s label mate, Drake.

While many thought the whole thing was funny, some attempted to shame Steffans because she’s been very open about her previous relationship with Wayne and her sexual history.

Instead of getting mad at her critics, Steffans decided to use her platform to drop a few jewels about sexist double standards.

Steffans didn’t stop there, she took the discussion even further, questioning why some men, particularly Black men, define their value by their sexual prowess and financial status.

Welp, like her or not, Karrine Steffans gave us all something to think about.

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