Sarah Dennis

Sarah Dennis

While corporal punishment may still be a highly debated method of parenting, there’s no arguing the way a Pembroke Pines, FL, mom beat her 12-year-old son when he brought home bad grades two weeks ago is justified.

Three Fs on a report card is what caused Sarah Dennis to reportedly make her eldest son strip down to his underwear, beat him with a belt on his back and butt, and punch him several times in the left eye with a closed fist. After being reported for having a black eye at school, the boy was forced to talk to a guidance counselor whom he confided in about the incident. When speaking to police, he said he hell to the floor as a result of the pain of his mother’s blows.

The boy’s 11-year-old brother who was also in the home at the time of the incident reportedly brought home bad grades as well. He told police he was sent to his room where he was beaten with a belt across his backside but that was it.

Dennis was subsequently arrested and charged with child abuse based on the boys’ stories. The 25-year-old mother denied punching her 12-year-old son, and said she believed her son’s black eye was the result of a fight at school — one she didn’t report or inquire as to how it happened.

As a result of her pending case, Dennis is now only allowed to see her three children during supervised visits. A judge told Dennis during an appearance on Wednesday that it could be a while before she gains custody of her kids again. Thats probably for the best.

Image Credit: Broward’s Sheriff Office/NBC Miami

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