1406678263000-c01-roberts-30 The NBA Players Association executive director is calling for improved drug policies on the heels of Lamar Odom’s alleged drug overdose.

In an interview with TMZ, Michele Roberts spoke about how the NBA’s policies needs to actually help players seek treatment, instead of just handing down suspensions.

“Lamar Odom’s tragedy should not be replicated,” she said.

“My fear is that players who do have problems don’t come out, because they’re concerned they’ll lose their jobs, and they end up losing their jobs anyway,” she said.

“The league, I think, has the same interest we have, and that is, if a player has a problem, to help him some help and get him repaired so he can continue to play the game.”

Odom, who is currently unconscious in a Las Vegas hospital, has had several suspensions from the NBA as a result of his drug problem, but has only tested positive for marijuana.

The current substance abuse policy, players receive suspensions and are only required to attend anti-doping programs. But all drugs aren’t equal and some carry tougher penalties. Cocaine, heroin and LSD will get you banned from the league, but you could still be reinstated once you prove you’re sober. But drugs like marijuana will get you anywhere from a one game to five game suspension.

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  • I do agree with Sister Michele Roberts. There should be improved drug policies. The situation in sports is a microcosm of what’s happening nationwide. Improvements can be made ad improvements should be made. What Lamar Odom is going through is certainly terrible. We want him to have a full recovery. This is a national and worldwide problem. We desire for lives to be saved and comprehensive policies to address drug issues.