Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.42.58 PMWe’ve all been there. Whether it was love at first Microsoft Excel Training session or something that gradually developed over the course of working closely together day in and day out – it’s completely normal to have raised a curious brow a time or two at the thought of your co-worker becoming more than just your co-worker. This is often dangerous territory though so we’re breaking the non-existent fourth wall of your cube and sharing a few Dos And Don’ts to help you navigate the treacherous terrain.

DON’T profess your love right off the bat.
Cornering homeboy between the hot chocolate and the espresso is not recommended. You run the risk of scaring him or worse, becoming the perpetrator in a nasty sexual harassment situation.

DON’T share the information with your other coworkers.
Folks love a good gossip tidbit. It’s only a matter of time before the giggles and side eyes become full-blown “OH YOU MAD CUZ YOUR BOO AIN’T HERE TODAY?” outbursts. You don’t need to be the bud of jokes. You don’t need that added stress in your life.

DO have fun with it.
If daydreaming about Paperclip Slim helps you get through the day then by all means – go for it. If you find yourself completely distracted though, or if your performance at work finds itself on the decline it may be time to abandon this thing altogether. Don’t let silly things get between you and your coin!

DO find out if he’s single.
Because crushing on anybody’s boyfriend or husband is pointless, even if it is just a teenage dream supreme kinda thing.

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