Looks like DSTRKT’s PR problems continue to worsen. After a group of Black women accused the West London nightspot of refusing to admit them because they were “too dark” and “too fat,” celebrities are now starting to distance themselves from the club.

While Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s ex, appeared at the venue after news broke that the women, and many others, have been turned away from DSTRKT because of their skin color, Omarion seems to have taken a stand.

The former B2K lead singer was scheduled to appear at the West End club on Friday, but he took to Twitter to tell fans he wouldn’t be showing up–period.

Though Omarion didn’t elaborate on his reason for skipping out on the engagement, the recent dustup about the club’s alleged discriminatory practices are a huge clue.

The night of Tran’s appearance, dozens of protesters converged on the club, even confronting Tran as she entered the building.

Omarion isn’t the only celeb trying to distance itself from DSTRKT. Azealia Banks said she’ll never visit the club again, and The Weeknd blasted the nightspot for falsely claiming he’d shown up after the racism row.

The club has denied all discrimination allegations, issuing a statement via Facebook attempting to discredit the women involved.

“At least two of the women who made the complaint against DSTRKT Lin Mei and Zalika Miller have been allowed entry to our venue in the past, as can been seen on Lin Mei’s instagram account @linmeitalks from 12 weeks ago which showed a picture of her enjoying herself at our venue with two other friends,” the Facebook post read in part.

According to the club, the venue was booked to capacity, which resulted in the women being turned away. DSTRKT also claimed it launched an investigation into the incident “and found that at no stage did any of the DSTRKT staff said (sic) to the women they were not to be allowed in on any the basis of their skin colour or size.”

Despite their denial, several people have come forward to share their experience of being discriminated against at DSTRKT, including of TripAdvisor reviews from 2014 claiming the club refused to allow a group of women in because they were Indian, and another from a Black man who said once the bouncer realized he was trying to get into the club with his (white) friend, they were denied entry.

Others have shared their experiences on Twitter.

While DSTRKT certainly isn’t the only nightclub with discriminatory practices, the women who were turned away from the West London party house are hoping to broaden the conversation beyond this incident.

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