Oprah Winfrey had a run-in with someone from her past during a recent appearance on The Late Show. As Winfrey was leaving the show, Calvin Mitchell, a man who Winfrey supported as a child, attempted to get Winfrey’s attention to get ‘closure.’

Mitchell met Winfrey on a movie set when he was 11-years-old and she immediately fell for the kid. After finding out that his family was living in the projects and attending a bad school, Winfrey moved the family, got the mother a job and paid for Mitchell to attend private school.

But Mitchell’s life took a different turn.

After Winfrey paid for two different schools, he was kicked out of the last one when he was 17 and he’s now a truck driver.

Mitchell recently sold his story to the National Enquirer and claimed that he was Winfrey’s son and showed up at the late night talk show to confront her.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Winfrey finally set the record straight.

From Yahoo:

Oprah says that she didn’t immediately recognize Calvin when he approached her after a taping of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert earlier this month, but attempted to make contact with him after their run-in. She had already suspected that he told his story to the tabloids, after she was asked by a media outlet for comment about her “secret son.”

“I could see the little boy in his eyes, even though time has changed a lot for him, and I said to him, ‘What are you doing? Why did you go to the tabloids?'” Oprah said.

“As I left, and he was looking so forlorn, he was like, ‘Can I speak to you?’ So I said to somebody on my team, ‘Will somebody get Calvin’s number so I can contact him later?’ I didn’t realize the whole thing was a setup.

“When I realized the whole thing was a setup, I was no longer interested in speaking to him,” she continued, noting that she’s not hurt, but is “disappointed.”

Mitchell lost out big time. So many people have begged Winfrey for help over the years, and here he is, a person who actually had her help, but obviously didn’t understand or want the help.

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