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O’Shea, O’Shea, O’Shea. How many fallen celebrities does one up-and-comer have to witness before he/she realizes in the midst of a social media scandal clapbacks alienating the very audience that supports you is not the route you want to go?

On Friday we told you how the woman thought to be O’Shea’s girlfriend turned us off to her and her “Straight Outta Compton” beau when she called a woman “ugly, dark, and dumb” and questioned whether she was just mad Ice Cube’s son doesn’t like her kind. At that point we were anxiously awaiting a response from O’Shea Jr., holding out the teeniest bit of hope his comment would be more of a rebuttal than anything. Unfortunately, the new actor decided to direct his anger at “angry black females” rather than his girlfriend — or ex girlfriend that is. Peep the response:


If you go looking for this post on IG you won’t find it as O’Shea had sense enough to delete it. Too bad he didn’t apply that same sense before actually writing such a callous message. Oh, where to begin? Is it with the age-old stereotype of black women as angry? Or the dehumanizing use of “female” as a suitable substitute for woman? Or the egotistical arrogance to tell us it isn’t our business who he’s dating when, at this very early stage in his career, he should be happy anyone outside of his immediate family cares that he woke up this morning — much more who he’s dating. But hey, if O’Shea Jr.’s goal was to alienate his black female fan base then kudos! Let’s see how the Latina and white community come through for you on your next project homie.

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  • Kay

    This is so common. I feel like black men can be so hard on black women (vice versa) . I hope this isn’t true because I thought he was cute. Rejections never feels good. I think black women, especially dark skin women like myself, should not acknowledge this kind of ignorant. Instead we should just strive to look and feel our best. In the meantime, those same brother talking about I don’t like black girls will be checking for us. Also, I think ole girl was comfortable with making those comments because she heard it from her man first. As an educator I often overhear some conversation between black male students and non-black girls. They’re not very flattering towards black girls. What these dudes fell to realize is black women are more likely to have their back during hard times. They may get ride or die white or latin chick but she won’t be on the K. Kardashian level…lol

    • ???

      A lot of times guys will tell a girl whatever they wanna hear to gain entry. The first things these others want to hear is something foul about one of us so their own obvious insecurities can calm and these types serve it right to them. What’s hilarious is that same guy will talk trash about that Latina or yt girl to a black girl to sleep with her too. It’s the type of guy he is and we all know that type. Black women usually won’t have nothing to do with him anyway.

  • Some mixed women are devils too. I gotta keep it 100% chocolate.

  • Michael Turner

    wgas…there are in fact a lot of angry women out there who hate men. Yes it is socially acceptable to hate men but doesn’t make it any less disgusting than hating women or blacks or whoever. Your brain is too small to understand all of this.

  • Mike Richard

    OMG!! Who the hell cares about this guy. He likes what he likes and people can talked about him all day, but it will not change any thing. Stop worrying about him and thinking about him. From some of the reactions on here, some of you are only validating his claims. Just more on with your lives and worried about yourselves

  • Bloop