Black Opal Cosmetics (Credits: Facebook)

Black Opal Cosmetics (Photo Credits: Facebook)

In a series of relatively shady Facebook posts dug up from earlier this month which have since been erased, Black Opal Cosmetics caught some serious heat.

Heralded for the longest as one of the top makeup brands for Black women (check the Google search results), most were surprised at the number of white women posted to their Facebook page in association with promo for their newest foundation shades.

“This must not be black owned or black women centered,” one user commented. “I thought Black Opal was geared more towards the women of color,” another user posted. Black Opal responded by saying that they never claimed to be black owned or exclusively marketed to women of color, but rather for every shade of beauty.

The thing is though, that while there truly is nothing wrong with being a cosmetics company inclusive of every skintone, black women today are still wondering why makeup brands haven’t made enough of an effort to expand their darker foundation colors. Most collections are chock full of options for ivory and olive complexions, but brands’ attempts to account for the numerous tones and melanin levels in brown skin are mediocre at best.

Who knows when Black Opal surrendered its position as the Black woman’s makeup brand? Did we automatically assume they were “for us” because of the ads we’ve seen with the brown skin beauty positioned perfectly beside a bottle of their foundation? Either way, please don’t associate Black Opal cosmetics with Black women because just like most makeup brands, “they’re for everybody.”





*Facebook comments have since been deleted.

Image Credits + h/t: Lipstick Alley


Update: A representative for Black Opal reached out to state that the promotional posts users were seeing were part of an ad campaign with specific run dates and that they didn’t delete the ads, but rather they stopped running due to the campaign ending. No additional comment on their Facebook responses to users upset about the ad campaign or the history of the brand though.

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