It’s getting harder and harder to reconcile my love for movies like Pulp Fiction, because time after time Quentin Tarantino proves that he’s an arrogant jerk who feels that he’s an honorary ‘black’ person.

In a recent interview for the New York Times’ T-Magazine, Tarantino discusses how he doesn’t understand why his race comes into play as a filmmaker. This coming from a man who loves to throw around the word ‘nigger’, every chance he can get.

“The bad taste that was left in my mouth had to do with this: It’s been a long time since the subject of a writer’s skin was mentioned as often as mine. You wouldn’t think the color of a writer’s skin should have any effect on the words themselves. In a lot of the more ugly pieces, my motives were really brought to bear in the most negative way. It’s like I’m some super villain coming up with this stuff.”

When Django was released, Tarantino felt the fury of a lot of black critics, including fellow filmmaker Spike Lee, because of his use of the word. And guess what? It didn’t bother him one bit.

“If you’ve made money being a critic in black culture in the last 20 years you have to deal with me,” Tarantino stated. “You must have an opinion of me. You must deal with what I’m saying and deal with the consequences.”

“If you sift through the criticism, you’ll see it’s pretty evenly divided between pros and cons,” he continued. “But when the black critics came out with savage think pieces about Django, I couldn’t have cared less. If people don’t like my movies, they don’t like my movies, and if they don’t get it, it doesn’t matter.”

Savage think pieces.

Well that was an intentional choice of word to use.

Here’s the thing. Tarantino thinks just because some black people have given him a ‘pass’ that it doesn’t matter what his critics think. So do we blame the ones who handed out the pass? Or Tarantino, who constantly bathes in his arrogance, and thinks that it’s completely fine?

Sure, I will admit, I’ve sat through several Tarantino films. But I’ve always left amazed at the fact that in every interview, he refuses to admit that: A) He’s not the greatest B) His white privilege affords him every opportunity he’s had so far in his career.

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