Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Actress Reagan Gomez-Preston started an intellectual discussion on Twitter recently when, in light of the recent Ben Fields story (where a South Carolina Deputy was caught on camera violently removing a black teenager from her classroom) she commented on higher rate of suspension among black girls versus white girls in school. She also shed light on how black girls’ school experiences differ drastically from those of white female students.

“We know black girls are suspended at 6x the rate of white girls. Black Women, how was your experience in school?,” she tweeted.

The replies flooded in with women recalling unfair treatment, being embarrassed/singled out as their classmates watched on and generally being discouraged from goals that were deemed far-fetched and unattainable by their white teachers.

To read more responses from from other Black women please click here to visit Reagan’s Twitter!

How was your school experience?

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