And when life comes at you fast, thanks to social media, you lose your job.

Deputy Ben Fields has been fired after slamming and dragging a black, female student at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC. The video, which was posted on social media on Monday, immediately went viral, and Richland County and the FBI launched their investigation on Tuesday.

Tuesday night Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott tried to say that Fields’ act wasn’t one of racism because his girlfriend is black, and he also said he was shocked by the incident.

“From the very beginning that’s what’s caused me to be upset, and (which) continued to upset me is that he picked the student up and threw the student across the room,” Lott said.

“Deputy Ben Fields did wrong this past Monday,” he added.

The student who was attack is now wearing a cast on her arm, according to her attorney, who appeared on Good Morning America today.

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  • ALM247

    I could care less about the firing. I want to know if charges will be pressed. This man had been previously accused of excessive force, and a reportedly a jury of his peers acquitted him. The entire jury looks like fools now.

    • Preach Sister.

    • HighFashionJunkie

      you know they were probably all white & they seem to truly go along with anything a cop does even if it’s questionable. . .

  • Lelani

    There are reports that this young girl is an orphan who recently lost her mother and is now in foster care. She then goes to school and an adult male throws her across the room for using a cell phone. Adults get ticketed for illegal cell phone use while driving, but this black teenager gets body slammed and then arrested. Can you imagine how cold the world looks in her eyes? That is how the world wants black females to feel, like we have no one and no protection. Kudos to all the people who stepped up and got this man fired and spoke out against his actions. Kudos to her classmate who recorded the incident and was also arrested. Black women will not stay silent and we will not accept abuse.

    • binks

      Geez, Lelani that just breaks my heart for her even more. I truly hope this young knows that she has supporters, well wishes, and prayers behind her. As my mother always tell me, you never know what somebody is going through maybe that is why she was so dejected because she is coping with lost and a change of environment. Now, just think if the teacher would have been clued on this instead of letting the situation escalated things could have turned out much differently…smh

    • Lelani

      Zero tolerance for black skin can escalate any situation. We have seen many examples. But the community is supporting this student, and I hope she can move past this and finish her education without any other incident like this.

    • ALM247

      Lord, this story gets more and more tragic. That teacher needs to have his tail spanked for turning her in. He lacks empathy. I don’t know if he knew about the death of her mother, but his coldness and the cruelty of the cop will surely cloud her judgment of men for the future. This is why some folks have a difficult time forming meaningful relationships. All they see is dysfunction, violence, and tragedy.

  • HighFashionJunkie

    and just think, if there was no video evidence of his actions, he’d still be out abusing citizens! Big ups for smart phone users that have the insight that something is not right & are smart enough to record!

  • binks

    I hope the young lady heals fast and that she get the much needed help to also heal her mind and spirit. They were so desperately trying to cover up her injuries but looking at the video and given his background I knew this young lady was hurt. Thank god, she didn’t lose her life but there was no excuse for this behavior. I hope she and her family sues the pants off him and the school along with other students, maybe they can get a nice class action rolling in on them. As for the thug without a badge….being fired should be the tip of the iceberg he seriously need criminal charges filed against him because if that was anybody else behaving like that it would be assault plain and simple. And kudos to the students who videotaped it and for Miss Kenny for standing up for her fellow classmate.