O+Shea+Jackson+Premiere+Straight+Outta+Compton+_IXIho_x_oNlThe O’Shea Jackson Jr. saga continues.

After disparaging comments about “angry black females” were said to have been made by the Straight Outta Compton actor on top of the alleged remarks from his ex-girlfriend about “ugly, dark, and dumb” women, a spokesperson has finally decided to step in and do some damage control. Speaking to MadameNoire.com, the rep said:

“O’Shea Jackson Jr. is not in a relationship. The supposed direct tweets and comments in response to old photos including the ones that reference race are fake.”

But should we believe it?

It’s odd for this spokesperson to step in at the ninth hour to defend their client. As soon as things started spiraling out of control Friday we would’ve gotten ahead of the alleged rumor. Further, if we were the actor himself, we certainly wouldn’t let claims of negative comments about black women fester for long — if we cared, we suppose.

But for now, the only word we have to rely on is that of this spokesperson and the assumption that posts like the one below from the social media of gossip sites are in fact fake.

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