Although the teen girl who was assaulted by Ben Fields at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S.C. still remains anonymous. Her attorney is now speaking out about the incident and giving more insight into the high school student.

Attorney Todd Rutherford said his client suffered several injuries including a cast on her arm, and neck and back pains. He also told the Daily News that she’s currently living in foster care. Although the Daily News stated in a post on Wednesday that the girl’s mother and grandmother were both dead, that seems to have been incorrect.

Although Fields has been fired, Rutherford said that Fields needs to be in jail, and that the officer should have not been called to the classroom.

Fields attorney released a statement as well saying his client did nothing wrong.

“We believe that Mr. Fields’ actions were justified and lawful throughout the circumstances of which he was confronted during this incident. To that extent we believe that Mr. Fields’ actions were carried out professionally and that he was performing his job duties within the legal threshold,” Fields’ attorney, Scott Hayes, said.

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  • Mico

    The more that comes out about this incident, the sadder and more infuriating it is. That teacher not only failed in his duty to protect a student of his, but I believe took advantage of the fact that she was even more vulnerable than most students. He knew that at least with this student, he wouldn’t have to deal with her parents. This is appalling and disturbing. Children that are within the foster system need extra layers of protection moreso than others because of adults like this who prey on their vulnerability. So while I’m glad that that other monster was fired, that teacher needs to be as well and that school/district needs to redo their procedures for calling the police on students to ensure they are only called when crimes occur and a parent/guardian is called first. On a federal level, all schools and while we’re at it, all police departments should be required to vet their officers/guards to ensure that that any officer being hired has not been involved in any criminal/civil cases against him, fired, resigned, placed on leave, etc for police brutality, assault, rape, domestic abuse, or any abuses involving a child. If they do get hired in, whoever hired them should face charges of endagering children /the public.

    • BillipPhailey

      His name needs to be made public.

    • Mico

      Yes ma’am.

    • Exactly Sister.

  • Standing up for the black youth is a total prerequisite in our lives. No black teenager should be brutally thrown around and the young Sister has to wear a cast around her body as a product of the actions of an evil now ex-cop. The cop being fired is welcomed news. Also, the fight isn’t over yet. He must experience a trial, a conviction, and he must go into prison. The criminal justice system has been a disgrace for a long time and revolutionary change is totally needed to make sure that not only are black people treated fairly, but that our human rights must be respected. Black leaders from Ella Baker to Malcolm X spoke eloquently about fighting for human rights. In this generation, we have water being cut off in Detroit and Baltimore. We have many Brothers and Sisters being unfairly suspended and we have the epidemic of police terrorism in the rural, suburban, and urban communities of America. Therefore, there has to be real accountability here. Any cop with a history of abusing people should never be involved in any function of any school period. The teacher is obviously a coward and exploited the situation of the Sister as a means for him to follow the status quo. The school should be scrutinized of its policies and the teacher must face accountability as well. We know what the truth is. The young Sister in foster care is a serious situation. That is why we are in solidarity with her. We are in solidarity always with the oppressed. We love the essence of Blackness and we will defend our people. Justice is meant for all and we mean it. We don’t want students to have a distressing, paranoiac mentality where they fear the police instead of focusing on strengthening their education. We don’t want children to be harmed physically so bad that they need casts on their bodies. Enough is enough. In this generation, we will stand up faithfully for truth and justice.

  • binks

    This poor child, is already having a difficult time outside of school and to deal with foolishness and assault in school by a thug with a former badge is just ridiculous. As I said in the other post, you never know what someone else is going through, just because someone is present, like in class, doesn’t mean they are mentally there. Personally, I fault the teacher right along with the asshole. I hope this young lady recovers from her injuries but physically and mentally.

    • What is really revolting also is how some apologists once stated that she felt no pain physically, which was a total lie.

    • Ocean

      I really smell a big stench of black misogyny and racism in the air. People saying shit like “She didn’t feel pain”, She wasn’t really hurt that bad”, “She bought in on herself”. People see black girls as rebellious, attitudinal, and in need of being put in their places–even if it means being brutalized and abused–hence the rabid questioning of her behavior/provoking (“We don’t know what she said/did”). We all know people see black girls (and women) as animalistic and tough/masculine even when theres a 200 lb. man throwing us across a room. If this girl’s skin was pink, and her name was something like Sarah, Liz, or Bella, there’d be no debates or questioning her behavior, everyone–including those defending the officer/blaming the victim–would feel sorry for her. As a matter of fact that whole attack wouldn’t have been committed and if it did happen, I bet the teacher who was there would’ve at least tried to help her.

    • binks

      BOOM! To everything you said. If he did this to a white girl, there would be rally’s, speeches would have been given, celebrities would have tweeted and reached out, etc. Sadly, since the victims aren’t truly the same. Black women and girl’s victimhood doesn’t translate well mainly due to those perception you listed even when people see it first hand or plainly with there own eyes. I mean there are still idiots that said she caused her own attack…like WTF? We are damn if we do, damn if we don’t because some people would never look at us as victims.

    • Yes, if the girl was white, there is no question that the teacher would have talked to the officer. Anti-black misogyny or misogynoir is an epidemic not only in Western society, but worldwide. One ex-cop from CNN was one of the first liars who said that she didn’t feel pain that much. That person on CNN is a total disgrace. We all know that black girls are stereotyped in the most vulgar fashion possible and that they are suspended readily unfairly. Racists confuse black cultural experience as rebellious or provocative, which is an utter lie. There are no excuses for this brutalization of the young teenager. We are in total opposition to tyranny and injustice. The cop was very provocative and aggressive while the young Sister was sitting in her child peacefully.

    • binks

      I was reading a lot of those comments from idiots talking about she isn’t hurt or she is going to fake it. I mean if you look at the longer clip, he could have broken her neck and injury her head! Thank goodness, her head and neck was lucky to land on the student’s legs behind her. It is sad that people twist themselves up by denying their own eyes because of the ignorant views they hold.

    • The video is very disturbing. We are all outraged and angered at how her human dignity was violated. She could have been paralyzed by the cop (now ex-cop. We all thank God for the firing of that cop). Also, the person who recorded the incident should be commended for her courage. I do find that the inner strength of the victim (including the Sister Niya Kenny) is vastly superior to the outward brutality and evil of the thug in blue. Inner strength can cause great change and it can inspire others to step forward to confront any crooked cop.