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A class filled with students at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina, watched as one of their own was brutally assaulted by officer Ben Fields. But Niya Kenny stood up for her classmate, and was arrested at Spring Valley High School following the altercation between her classmate and Fields.

In an interview with WLTX, Kenny said she was devastated at what she was witnessing.

“I was crying, screaming and crying like a baby,” says Kenny. “I was in disbelief.”

I know this girl don’t got nobody and I couldn’t believe this was happening,” Kenny explained. “I had never seen nothing like that in my life, a man use that much force on a little girl. A big man, like 300 pounds of full muscle. I was like ‘no way, no way.’ You can’t do nothing like that to a little girl. I’m talking about she’s like 5’6″.”

According to Kenny, the classmate wasn’t participating in class, when her black male teacher asked her to leave but she refused.

“I was screaming ‘What the f, what the f is this really happening?’ I was praying out loud for the girl,” says Kenny. “I just couldn’t believe this was happening I was just crying and he said, since you have so much to say you are coming too. I just put my hands behind my back.”

The student’s mother, Doris Kenny, said she’s not upset with her daughter.

“My child, and I’m not mad at her, she was brave enough to speak out against what was going on and didn’t back down and it resulted in her being arrested,” says Doris Kenny.

Her daughter was charged with disturbing schools, but she questioned who was the one actually doing the disturbing.

“But looking at the video, who was really disturbing schools? Was it my daughter or the officer who came in to the classroom and did that to the young girl?”

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  • binks

    Good for Niya Kenny. I know it is scary to stand up and speak out but I am so glad she had the courage and the fearlessness to do so. It could have been so easy to turn a blind eye but she didn’t. But this is a great lesson in standing up for each other and looking out for one another. It is so sad that this young lady had more common sense than the damn teacher. This was all a result of bruised egos from the teacher and the cop on a power trip because all of this wasn’t warranted.

    • vintage3000

      So true. I don’t know if I would have had the courage as a teenager to stand up the way Niya did.

  • proud_native

    I listened to the entire video …. NEVER ONCE did someone cry out “what the f is happening” or prayed out loud for the girl. Clearly this girl is an even BIGGER drama queen than her friend!

    • Sealinewuman

      There are two videos, as you would have known had to read rather skimmed. The other video is a minute and 32 seconds and really not hard to find.

    • Anonin

      yes please drag them, they’ve been up and down this article sounding stupid.

    • proud_native

      I meant that I listened to the longer video, of which, comes the shorter clip above. Didn’t even take much effort.

    • Sealinewuman

      Does lying to make your point ever become tiring for you? I only ask because I find you tiresome so I can only imagine what you feel about yourself.

      Clearly you watched nothing. Or, you have very limited listening comprehension skills, an inability to properly assess spatial relationships or suffer from some hereditary form of idiocy. I’m personally going to assume it’s some combination of the three and a smattering of other things your personality hints at.

      The second video is clearly not a longer version of this one, as it’s shot from a completely different angle and is mostly sound. What small amount of imagery is shown is somewhat blurry, as well as shaky. And it’s mostly sound. Mostly sound.

      See what I did there? Repetitive reinforcement, it generally works well with people that have lower IQ’s, makes it easier for them to learn and retain information.

      Please go troll someplace else.

    • proud_native

      I will happily leave the trolling to you … as well as the vocabulary lesson. You can believe whatever nonsense you wish to believe, it is still a free country. However, those freedoms are being eroded daily by moronic racists who blather on about “race soldiers” and “black lives matter” and who insist on special treatment for people who happen to have inherited darker skin, while trashing lives of those trying to do the right thing.

      It is a horrible tragedy that this officer lost his job because one out of control 16 year old decided to do what she pleased, then fought the officer (she struck him before being pulled from the chair). Instead of being castigated for her actions, she is played up as some sort of victim.

      You can make whatever judgments you wish to about me. You do not know me, nor know anything about me. Nothing in your attempt to put me down changes anything, but does serve to make you look less civilized.

    • vintage3000

      Makes sense you didn’t hear her, demons are unable to hear words from the Bible.

    • proud_native

      Grow up.

    • vintage3000

      In other words, you can’t dispute what I said.

    • Mary Burrell

      Crawl back to your sewer jackhole

    • proud_native

      My, my … how classy Mary. Guessing you would be one of those ignorant souls doing all of the race baiting on the blog.

  • proud_native

    Congratulations racists!!! You have succeeded in lynching a good man and besmirching yet another educator in the name of your racist agenda. What will you do when you have destroyed this nation with your hatred?