Raven-Symoné is still getting dragged on Twitter for her admission that she would discriminate against a person with a “ghetto” name.

During her ignorant diatribe, Symoné singled out the name Watermelondrea as someone she definitely would not hire, because….classist!

Well, Watermelondrea ain’t happy, and I can’t say that I’m surprised.

Watermelondrea Jones is actually a character created by YouTuber Tré Melvin, who has over two million subscribers and nearly 250 million channel views.

As Symoné was busy dissing the comic’s alter ego (and all Black folks with ethnic names), Melvin’s army of fans were GOING IN on the former Cosby kid.

Of course, Watermelondrea also got in on the shade.

While Symoné’s comments kicked of a good conversation about discriminatory hiring practices, it also set the actress up to yet another epic takedown.

Welp…we can’t wait.

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  • mywordsaremypower

    Her name suits her well, she kooks like a bird lol.This roasting will be good. It is time we read colorblind negros their asses.

  • Rizzo

    she would punish the child because of the parents’ choice in names. she is punishing/putting the blame on the so-called victim for what she perceives as a ‘ghetto’ name. would she do and/or feel the same for a jewish person, an irish person, an asian, an italian, a german etc. these people, and more, can be associated with ghetto living at some point in time. life is not the huxtables. one day miss raven should consider listening to donny hathaway’s the ghetto – she might just lose herself in ‘the ghetto.’

    • Mary Burrell

      I think she has lived a sheltered life and hasn’t any clue about what black people in America who are poor and disenfranchised are going through. She has no empathy.

    • Rizzo

      so true. there is not one drop of empathy there. however, her peers/fan base/followers are now displaying little to no empathy and/or understanding for who, what, where, why and how for who or what she is now. joan crawford summed her continued success as follows: she would be nothing without her loyal fans.

  • Khrish

    I am so sick of looking at the hair that Raven wears. Why does she wear it. It’s so ugly and it always looks as if it’s about to fall off.

    • Mary Burrell

      She is trying so hard to be edgy and failing