At this stage in the game, it kind of takes a lot to surprise us when it comes to reality TV shenanigans, but low and behold Mona and her minions have managed to up the disgust factor when it comes to VH1’s latest franchise, Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood.

The disgust is actually two parts literal and one part figurative based on last night’s episode in which a woman, in the middle of an argument, proceeds to throw up in her hand and hurl the vomited champagne at another woman.

Almost makes you long for the days when women just threw drinks at each other on camera doesn’t it? Well the woman, now known as Nasty Nas, actually did that too, so there’s that.

I don’t know what backwards-ass upbringing Nas had but I’m inclined to agree with the poster above that somewhere along the way her parents dropped the ball. And considering her rebuttal to the incident was “Get over it. Yes I did it. And? Who hasn’t,” I’m going to assume this type of carrying on is normal for her. And great for VH1.

Later Nas claimed she wasn’t feeling well, which is why she tossed her cookies (or champagne that is) but, truth be told, I’ve never seen someone with the wherewithal, in the midst of an illness, to throw up in one hand, hurl a drink with the other, and then smack someone and not miss a beat. Something is off. And while we already know one of those somethings is this cast member, I can’t help but look at Mona Scott-Young and VH1 and ask, how much lower can you go?

The network has already taken to exploiting homosexual black men for ratings with the addition of a gay couple this season and we can only imagine how their image will be run into the ground like so many black women before them. Foolishly, I thought the allure of the Love & Hip-Hop franchise had subsided some, but every Monday night when I jump onto Twitter I see at least one element related to the show trending and I can’t help but ask when enough will be enough, not to mention do people really find this trash entertaining — still?

I get when the show first came on the scene it was the ghetto pretend-reality soap opera audiences craved before Empire came along. And the fact that you could watch people you knew like Jim Jones, Joe Budden, Olivia, and Mashonda was kind of “cool” (for lack of a better word). But now people are just watching a bunch of nasty nobodies defile themselves on the screen and I can’t for the life of me figure out who’s entertained — other than the execs laughing their way to the bank at our expense. There’s got to be a better way.

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