You have to wonder what goes through people’s heads right before they do something stupid. Do they ever think twice about it, or are they just in the moment?

Well those questions should be asked to an Indianapolis man who thought it was a good day to set his girlfriend’s house on fire and dance on the roof. But first, Matthew Russ, 25, stole her car and rammed it into a tree.

According to WXIN-TV, after stealing the car and crashing it, Russ sat in front of his girlfriend’s house and waited with a knife in his hand. Once the police arrived, he ran into the house and set it on fire.

Russ would not get down from the roof, so police had to use rubber bullets and a Taser on him. He better be glad he wasn’t killed. Russ was arrested, and transported to a hospital to be treated for injuries.

Image Credit: Fox59

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